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Mobile SEO

  1. 1. Mobile SEO<br />by Early Stage<br />June 10th , 2010<br />Bart Van Den Kieboom<br /><br />
  2. 2. Meeting Agenda<br />Whatis Mobile SEO<br />Some differences between mobile and desktop<br />Mobile search behavior is different than normal search<br />Best Practices<br />Pitfalls<br />Misconceptions<br />
  3. 3. 1. Whatis Mobile SEO<br />It’s the same as classic SEO…<br /> well… almost…<br />Some classic SEO-techniques are just not applicable (interlinking, lot’s of content)<br />
  4. 4. 2. Somedifferencesbetween mobile and desktop<br />
  5. 5. 3. Mobile searchbehaviourisdifferentthan normal search<br /><ul><li>Voice search (see Google search as application)
  6. 6. Visual search (Augmented reality, Google Goggles)
  7. 7. Search suggestion (is much more used)
  8. 8. Shorter searches (15 characters on average)
  9. 9. Location based
  10. 10. Time-restriction (no time to scroll or look on page 2 of the results)
  11. 11. Less clickthroughs (interlinking)</li></li></ul><li>4. Best practices<br />The way to do<br /><ul><li>Small, lightweightand fast-loading site (< 20kb / page)
  12. 12. XHTML Mobile Profile 1.1 Doctype
  13. 13. UTF-8 character encoding
  14. 14. JPEG / GIF images (PNG kanook)
  15. 15. Content including "mobile"
  16. 16. On-site keyphraseoptimisationas usual (with a focus on short titles, and small amounts of body copy)
  17. 17. Regular technical SEO principles (meta, header, good content, etc…)
  18. 18. Create a “handheld.css” (except for iPhone)
  19. 19. Allow all user agents to see your mobile site.</li></li></ul><li>4. Best practices<br />The way to do<br /><ul><li>Build a mobile sitemap (and link to it from robot.txt)
  20. 20. Also submit a site map to google
  21. 21. Include “no-transform” cache control in header of traditional site.
  22. 22. By preference have “1” site with different CSS-sheets but this is often not possible (for BNPPF for example)
  23. 23. Link from the traditional site to the mobile and vice versa (from the HP if possible). Use clear text-links!!
  24. 24. Do not forget AdSense and Adwords…
  25. 25. Use link relationships between desktop and mobile pages
  26. 26. Specify mobile and desktop site in your meta.txt</li></li></ul><li>5. Pitfalls<br />Do not do<br /><ul><li>Your mobile site might compete with your traditional site
  27. 27. The mobile site is (still) outranked (in most cases) by the traditional website.
  28. 28. Use redirects after user-agent detection but with honesty (to avoid blacklisting)</li></li></ul><li>6. Misconceptions<br /><ul><li>I need to have a .mobi domain
  29. 29. Search engines treat mobile content differently (not yet actually)
  30. 30. If mobile content is detected it will cataloged as such but the SEO principles to index the page are almost the same.
  31. 31. Choose for an application or a regular site but do not do both? (wrong, apps are still popular and even show up in normal search results)</li></li></ul><li>6. WhatcanEarly Stage do for you<br /><ul><li>Write a best-practices guide
  32. 32. Audit the current code
  33. 33. Help you to set up a mobile adwords-adsense campaign</li></li></ul><li>Contacts<br />EARLY STAGE<br />Chateau Nagelmackers<br />Square de la Paix 28<br />4038 Liège<br /><br />Bart Van Den Kieboom<br />Mobile +32 478 325 374<br />E-mail<br />