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Earlystage Cases


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Earlystage Cases

  1. 1. SLIDE
  2. 2. SLIDE “ A good Coke in a bad can is a bad can of Coke .” NICK VAN HECK
  3. 3. Analysis and set-up of an optimal Website structure and recommendations around the implementation. Deep change management impact. 15 workshops (10+people) throughout the whole Ministry organisation to collect expectations about the new Website structure (90000+ pages). Targets and Users segmentation.
  4. 4. Deep analysis of the Knauf organisation according to the (es)* Analytical Triangulation Business Requirements Analysis – Wireframes – Usability Analysis – Content Analysis Draw up of the Request for Proposal – Suppliers’ short list – Proposals assessment – Project Controlling
  5. 5. Deep analysis of different UCL portal target groups and strategic mapping of the content structure Analysis of the UCL Web portal performance against a set of KPI (accessibility, usability, content structure). Workshops, interviews with key targets, virgin analysis). Development of an XLS tool to assess the consistence of external sites. Report to the Rector.
  6. 6. Organisational audit around the 9 Websites management – interviews of key personnel. Draw up of scenario maps, personas and a set of possible solutions to solve the identified organisational issues. Detailed SWOT for each of them. Recommendation on the way to implement one of them.
  7. 7. Don’t hesitate to give a call or drop a line LET’S START Bart Van Den Kieboom +32 (0) 478 325 374 Laurent Kinet +32 (0) 476 528 173 [email_address] (es)* | EARLY STAGE sprl/bvba Rue des Tridaines 39 4250 Geer Company Registration 899.046.676
  8. 8. “ You have to learn the rules of the game . And then you have to play better than anyone else.” ALBERT EINSTEIN