Township Patterns – the story of the EAIE Prague 2014 conference bags


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Explore the success story of Township Patterns (, a South African grassroots enterprise driving social innovation in the events industry. We have partnered with them to produce eco-friendly, fair-trade conference bags for EAIE Prague 2014 ( Township is a thriving network of worker-owned sewing co-operatives supporting around 50 women and their families in the townships around Cape Town.

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Township Patterns – the story of the EAIE Prague 2014 conference bags

  1. 1. TOWNSHIP PATTERNS A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE IN ACTION: CASE STUDY Christophe Labesse, CEO EIBTM Sustainable Hub, 2012 1 Since 1997
  2. 2. An African grassroots enterprise is driving social innovation in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions industry Since 1997
  3. 3. The first heartbeat of the company originated in the townships. While visiting Cape Town during her holidays Nicole-Marie Iresch (Founder and Chairman) was approached by a group of women asking for employment. She felt an instant bond with them and immediately recognized their energy and potential. Can you see the beauty?
  4. 4. Nicole-Marie entered their homes, listened to their dreams and hopes; she discovered a deep beauty and spirit hidden between the metal sheets of the shacks. The women had just basic sewing skills along with motivation and style. They started mixing them with the colours, the vibe, the textures and feelings of the townships in order to show them to the rest of the world. Take a closer look
  5. 5. Since 1997, Township Patterns has been supporting women entrepreneurship in township communities outside Cape Town, South Africa. A Story of Beauty and Success in the least expected place
  6. 6. TOWNSHIP PATTERNS o Product design o Marketing o Communication o Distribution AFRIQUE DU SUD BIDONVILLES o Production support – Quality Control o Training o Development financing o Cooperatives network management 7 COOPERATIVES 60 women township® new business model 1 1 3 2
  7. 7. township® new offering A response to current World crisis o A new business model to alleviate poverty through business o 100% commitment to women empowerment o Exclusive use of eco-friendly materials o Africa rising movement : pulling out Africa from its economic seclusion Since 1997
  8. 8. Swiss example 44,500 delegate bags Since 1997
  9. 9. township® A 21st century company New World characteristics o Putting producers back at the centre of your organisation o Advocating Fair Trade in your industry o Early adopters like ISN, TEDx, … understand the new model 2013 International Society of Nephrology Congress Hong-Kong, China Since 1997
  10. 10. Can you see the beauty now?
  11. 11. Thank you! Enkosi kakulu! Since 1997