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PHIG Istanbul 2011 Workshop Minutes


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PHIG Istanbul 2011 Workshop Minutes

  1. 1. EAHIL Workshop Active Learning and Research Partners in HealthIstanbul, Turkey, July 5 - 8, 2011Public Health Information Special Interest Group PHIGBusiness Meeting 6 July Wednesday 201112:00 - 13:10 (Yellow Room CAS B-13)Chair: Tomas Allen (WHO Switzerland)Secretary: Katri Larmo (Finland)1. Welcome and introductionsCo-Chair of Public Health Information Special Interest Group Tomas Allen opened the meeting and welcomedall the colleagues attending the business meeting.2. Apologies for absenceApologies were received from Helena Bouzková (Czech Republic) and Sue Thomas (UK, Co-Chair of EAHILPHIG).3. Adoption of the agendaThe agenda as proposed was adopted by the meeting.4. Report of the Business meeting in Lisbon June 2010 report of the business meeting held at the Lisbon Conference in June 2010 was accepted as an accuraterecord.5. Review of what was agreed in LisbonTomas gave a review of the last year’s activities. In Lisbon Ivana Truccolo agreed to take a lead in promotingconsumer health information issues within PHIG. Ivana reported activities to the meeting: At the National Cancer Institute in Italy a Patient Education Group has been established. Also a consumer health librarian is involved in that group. A meeting about Patient Libraries in Italy was held on last October. Ivana has been marketing PHIG to her interest groups in Italy and to representatives of European Cancer Patient Coalition. Patient information database for cancer patients in Italian language is under construction.Tomas stated that last year was in many ways a transition year for the group, since a long standing co-chair ofthe group Päivi Pekkarinen retired and Tomas was selected as a new co-chair, together with the SueThomas. 1
  2. 2. 6. Discussion with PHIG and HINARI representativesGaby Caro (WHO Switzerland) informed the meeting about current developments in HINARI. She emphasizedthat at the moment the main thing with HINARI is training and dissemination of information - which has beendone also during this workshop at two continuing education courses. The two courses are HINARI/Internet Resources for Health Information Professionals: Training the Trainers HINARI User Community Forum7. Any other businessTomas mentioned that Dany Berluteau Tsouros, WHO EURO Regional Office library focal point has retired.Currently Patricia Søndergaard is the designated focal point for any library related contact with the EUROoffice. Indications are that a new person will be recruited and the library focal point position will be upgradedto a P2 professional post. At WHO HQ in Geneva, Maryvonne Grisetti, the technical officer responsible fordistribution of WHO publications to libraries has also retired. New contact is Marie-Pierre Austin( Global Health Library (GHL) will be implemented in phases, such as continued work on the InstitutionalRepository for Information Sharing (IRIS). IRIS will provide WHO’s information products in digital format froma single location (URL) with a multilingual interface. Its content will be freely accessible and searchable via amultilingual interface and with indexed terms initially in the six official languages. Each WHO region willupdate its own specific content, which will be then integrated to a single database. The demo portal isaccessible at Hot Topics part of GHL is on hold, due to budgetary reasons. Another development at WHO are theWorld Directory of Medical Libraries and Global Index Medicus (GIM). GIM is a federated search to theregional health literature databases. The meeting also raised a question of possibilities for co-operationBetween CABIs Global Health Database by Isobel (CABI) and Hatem (WHO-EMRO), who is responsible for theWHO-EMRO content in GIM. The discussion will continued after the official meeting whether there is mutualareas of cooperation between GIM and CABI.Katri will start to send reminders for group members to add links to the PHIG’s Delicious account, which wasfounded last year. The idea is that the Delicious account could become a common source for interestingpublic health information related links.One of the important issues raised at the meeting was the idea of PHIG to participate in the organizing of thepossible EAHIL 2015 Workshop at Geneva. The theme of the workshop could be public health related – e.g.Europe and International Health. The meeting was very interested of this idea, but there were someconsiderations also. Geneva was considered as excellent city to host a workshop – good infrastructure forhosting a big event and also many interesting organizations situated in the city. The questions were that whatkind of role more precisely PHIG would have and that if public health is highlighted too much, does that makethe content of the workshop too limited for some EAHIL visitors. On the other hand it was stated that publichealth is a very broad concept which covers and overlaps many subjects. The discussion around this matterwill continue.Tomas emphasized that he suggesting the possibility of EAHIL 2015 in Geneva. He would take the back tothe Swiss EAHIL membership. It is important to get the support of the Swiss librarians before a bid could evenbe considered. 2
  3. 3. 8. CloseTomas thanked all those present for their contribution and closed the meeting at 13.10. 3