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Virtual Exchange Program


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Virtual Exchange Program by Marinke Sussenbach, TU Delft

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Virtual Exchange Program

  1. 1. Marinke Sussenbach Unless otherwise indicated, this presentation is licensed CC-BY 4.0. Please attribute Global Alliance - Virtual Exchange Program
  2. 2. Video animation
  3. 3. Enrich students’ portfolio with courses from leading universities
  4. 4. 4 Enrich students’ portfolio with courses from leading universities
  5. 5. Video Animation o&
  6. 6. Earn credits at top universities without having to travel there Enrich your portfolio Choose electives from courses from leading universities Access to expertise World-class academic staff – enthusiastic, knowledgeable lecturers the other side of the screen Online, flexible, free Lets you study at the time and place that suits you - more freedom, for free (no extra costs) Diverse learning experience User-friendly courses with varied activities, multiple format content and flexible choices to optimise learning Gain credits Get recognized credits for your home study program Connect Be part of a global, culturally rich student community – make connections and grow your international circle A new exchange concept • Capitalise on raise of high-quality online learning materials • Include them in campus study programme
  7. 7. Results Global Virtual Exchange • Enrolments 775 students until now • Portfolio exists of 40 courses, run multiple times • Courses offered in Engineering, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Programming &Management • Committed teachers and staff to be part of this movement • Positive feedback from students
  8. 8. 8 Feedback from students “Freedom to study whenever you want” “Learning in courses taught by experts in the field and from universities on the other side of the planet” “I liked the videos and the examples given. I also enjoyed the case studies. One of the most satisfying things was that my friend, who works in a top consulting firm in Canada, told me that the concepts we were learning are his everyday tools in the office. I was so glad that the knowledge I gained was readily useful and I recommended he took the MOOC to improve his programming skills and integrate Python into his spreadsheet”
  9. 9. Challenges project and alliance 1. Strategic & operational approach to management of the program differs per institution- different speed and also ambition 2. No show rate of students and match with portfolio 3. Scalability of the administrative processes 4. VE is not in the core of programmes and administration- dependant on committed teachers
  10. 10. More information
  11. 11. Future vision: global campus
  12. 12. THANK YOU