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MOOC Design: MOOCs for the world of business


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MOOCs for the world of business by Christian Friedl, FH JOANNEUM

Published in: Education
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MOOC Design: MOOCs for the world of business

  1. 1. Designing MOOCs for Business Webinar 23rd October 2018 Speaker: Christian Friedl Senior Lecturer & Coordinator BizMOOC FH Joanneum – University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria 2018
  2. 2. Survey 1. Have you taken a MOOC so far? 2. If yes, have you taken MOOCs to acquire skills relevant for your work?
  3. 3. Massive Open Online Courses. 4 Already 81 million MOOC learners in 2017. (Class Central, 2018) More than 50% join with career-oriented motives. (Class Central, 2018; BizMOOC, 2018; Friedl/Staubitz/Jansen, 2018) Can the (high) expectations be fulfilled? Are MOOCs a bubble or a door opener for the digital revolution of our education system?
  4. 4. Objective To enable a European-wide exploitation of the potential of MOOCs for the world of business BizMOOC (562286-EPP-1-2015-1-AT-EPPKA2-KA, Erasmus+, KA2 – Knowledge Alliances, 3 year project) Coordinator: FH JOANNEUM, University of Applied Sciences, Graz 11 full partners: Open University (UK), University de Alicante (ES), Burgas Free University (BG), University of Economics Krakow (PL), AVL List GmbH (AT), Hasso-Plattner-Institute (DE), DIDA srl (IT), Košice IT Valley (SK), The National Unions of Students in Europe (BE), EADTU (NL) | | |
  5. 5. How? 6 MOOC Book 1.0 (empirical) 3 Pilot MOOCs (case study) MOOC Book 2.0 (empirical)
  6. 6. FREE ONLINE RESOURCE DEDICATED TO MOOCS GUIDELINES | RECOMMENDATIONS | EXCHANGE MOOC BOOK 1.0 #STEP1 (2016-2017): Based on  14 status-quo research discussion papers  106 qualitative semi-structured, in-depth interviews with Organisations and HEIs  1.193 survey responses from society/labour force/learners  Summarized in 3 needs & gaps reports for businesses, HEI and society  +400 page collection of guidelines, state-of-the art papers, good practices and recommendations on how to apply MOOCs
  7. 7. Five insights from Step#1 #1 MOOCs are (still) not mainstream in the corporate world. #2 MOOCs are primarily recognised as Human Resource Development and training tool. #3 MOOCs work best as complementary education tool. #4 MOOCs face (too) high expectations. #5 MOOCs face administrative and inexperience barriers.
  8. 8. 3 Pilot MOOCs #STEP2 (2017-2018) (1) Learning with MOOCs for professional development (2) How to generate innovative ideas and how to make them work (3) Intrapreneurship: Make your business great again
  9. 9. 10 Niche topic of intrapreneurship, no such MOOC existing on large platforms: +3,000 learners from 98 countries, business learners Far above-average MOOC completion rate (20% in fast track and 60% in full track) 820 ideas by 595 learners created, 225 real life intrapreneurship examples shared 2,200 forum posts on 300 topics, 380 certificates issued Finalist in Teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship Excellence Award at ECIE 2018 in Aveiro, Portugal Business MOOC - Good Practice
  10. 10. Challenges and how they were overcome • different, flexible course pathways offered Catering to diverse needs • e-moderation concept, “cloud” stimulation Commitment & completion • balancing out quality level for native & non-native speakers; video-integrated slides with a zooming-feature & written explanations; learners became co-facilitators Language
  11. 11. METHODOLOGY 12 INTRAPRENEURSHIP MOOC (n = 2905; 98 countries): Full Report: Online from 12 November on with open license.
  12. 12. Three key discussions for the corporate MOOC avenue from Step#2 of our research #1 Employees prefer to stay private and self-determined when it comes to learning. > Would you agree? 13
  13. 13. Three key discussions for the corporate MOOC avenue from Step#2 of our research #2 The unsolved barries are solved by moving the the ownership & responsibility to the employees. > Really? 14
  14. 14. Three key discussions for the corporate MOOC avenue from Step#2 of our research #3 Are employees over- taking their HR departments with MOOCs? Do they loose control? 15
  15. 15. YOUR ONLINE GUIDE TO MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSES MOOC BOOK 2.0 STEP#3 (2018): Find answers to KEY QUESTIONS in the MOOC domain Get more INSIGHTS with 50 recommendations, 25 lessons learnt & 20 good practices LEARN MORE about MOOC key areas, explore recent research outcomes and download useful resources. RELEASE DATE: 12th November 2018 >>>
  16. 16. Tell me more. BizMOOC project:; > Version 2.0 coming 12 November Selected Publications • Friedl, C., Staubitz, T. (2018). Corporate MOOC Trends, in: Jansen, D., Konings, L. (Eds.) The 2018 OpenupEd Trend Report on MOOCs. (pp. 35-38). Maastricht, NL: EADTU. • Friedl, C., Staubitz, T., Jansen, D. (2018). Flexible, self-directed and bottom-up: Are employees overtaking their Human Resource departments with MOOCs?; Learning With MOOCs Conference Proceedings, Madrid, 2018. • Friedl, C, Zur, A. (2018). The first MOOC on Intrapreneurship: How to successfully inspire 2,951 online learners from 98 countries with entrepreneurial thinking. Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 20-21 September 2018, Aveiro. • Friedl, C., Zur, A., Staubitz, T., Jansen, D. (2018). Rescue Through the Back Door: Can MOOCs Become a Large-Scale Bottom-Up Innovation Driver for Companies?, Poster at the 13th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 20-21 September 2018, Aveiro. • Zur, A., Friedl, C. (2018). Evaluation Report on Pilot MOOC3 – Intrapreneurship. BizMOOC, to be published under • Pitt, B., Friedl, C., Jansen, D., Driha, O. (2017): The MOOC Potential to address European Challenges in CPD and Continuous Education, OOFHEC2017, Conference Proceedings, Milton Keynes, UK. New project: CORSHIP (Corporate Edupreneurship) to start