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[MID2018] Presentation Yi-Shan Tsai during EADTU event: MID2018 in Maastricht, the Netherlands


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during EADTU event: MID2018 in Maastricht, the Netherlands

Published in: Education
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[MID2018] Presentation Yi-Shan Tsai during EADTU event: MID2018 in Maastricht, the Netherlands

  1. 1. [University of Edinburgh Yi-Shan Tsai @yi_shan_tsai CC-BY 4.0 1 Multiplier Event, Maastricht 14 December, 2018
  2. 2. [ 2CC-BY 4.0 • Department: School of Chemistry • Course name: Chemistry 1A (foundation in chemistry) • Course components: lectures, tutorials, workshops, and lab practicals • Students: ~ 150 undergraduate students • Lab instructor: Dr Michael Seery
  3. 3. [ 3CC-BY 4.0 1. Carrying out a titration. 2. Setting up a distillation apparatus. 3. Preparing a standard solution.
  4. 4. [ 4CC-BY 4.0
  5. 5. [ 5CC-BY 4.0 Exemplar videos: - Prepare for laboratory practice in advance - Monitor the quality of their own work during production - Develop evaluative skills by comparing to the exemplars
  6. 6. [ 6CC-BY 4.0 Student demonstration videos - Verbalise understanding when creating lab videos - Providing evidence of competency for peer review and instructor feedback - Providing materials for self-reflection
  7. 7. [ 7CC-BY 4.0 • Example: the use of UV-vis spectrophotometer (Zuzanna)
  8. 8. [ 8CC-BY 4.0 I found it very useful having to explain the technique, as it prompted me to understand the nuances and reasons behind many of the options and methods involved in the technique we were describing. Anna
  9. 9. [ 9CC-BY 4.0
  10. 10. [ 10CC-BY 4.0 Performing the activity in pairs made the demonstration feel less formal, and gave it a comfortable context of explaining a technique to a fellow student. The feedback included useful pointers, and was a good way to check whether we have covered all the necessary elements. Zuzanna
  11. 11. [ 11CC-BY 4.0
  12. 12. [ 12CC-BY 4.0 n = 158 Seery, M. K., Agustian, H. Y., Doidge, E. D., Kucharski, M. M., O’Connor, H. M., & Price, A. (2017). Developing laboratory skills by incorporating peer-review and digital badges. Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 18(3), 403-419.
  13. 13. [ 13CC-BY 4.0
  14. 14. [ 14CC-BY 4.0 “I think initially… the emphasis was very much on making lots of nice stuff because it looked great, so I used to joke that what used to happen is that my laptop was a grave yard of all these good intentions… and then I slowly came to the realisation that they really have to be imbedded, intergraded vary actively on the part of a teacher to really make sure students see the value”
  15. 15. [ 15CC-BY 4.0 “I tend to find that stuff that is used, stuff that blends well, tends to be the muddy points that students have, and because if you focus on them, students will appreciate them more, because you are addressing areas that you know they would find difficult.”
  16. 16. [ 16CC-BY 4.0 University of Edinburgh Yi-Shan Tsai @yi_shan_tsai