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[MID2018] Presentation Sjoerd Stoffels (Maastricht University) during EADTU event: MID2018 in Maastricht, the Netherlands


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Presentation of Sjoerd Stoffels of the Maastricht University durig MID2018 in Maastricht

Published in: Education
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[MID2018] Presentation Sjoerd Stoffels (Maastricht University) during EADTU event: MID2018 in Maastricht, the Netherlands

  1. 1. The bearable lightness of technology in our education Sjoerd Stoffels FASoS Project leader & Consultant Educational Technology MID2018
  2. 2. Food for inspiration
  3. 3. The E-Learning evolution model E-Learning 1.0 E-Learning 1.3 E-Learning 2.0 Components / Access Server, LMCS LMCS, Email, Intranet Social software Ownership Top-down, One way Top-down, Collaborative Bottom-up, Learner- driven Content Size 1 hour 15/30 minutes < 5 minutes Access Time Prior to study time During study time After study time Learner Composition Class Tutorial groups Social network, Individual Delivery One fixed time Smaller pieces, hybrid On demand Driver Instructional Designer Learner Learner Creator Instructional Designer Industry Industry, Learner © 2007 ‘Understanding E-Learning 2.0’, Tony Karrer
  4. 4. PBL versus educational technology © 2018 FASoS Taskforce Educational Technology
  5. 5. There is a world to choose from…
  6. 6. SURF trend reports © 2016 ‘SURF Trend Report’, SURF
  7. 7. LMS = EleUM = UM Student Portal
  8. 8. Blogging – writing for the web  WordPress blogs - User-friendly and powerful weblog application. Enables the use of individual or communal blogs. Providing the ability to publish, edit, modify, organize and maintain web content from a single central interface.
  9. 9. Collaboration & Feedback  FeedbackFruits - Platform (integrated in EleUM) that makes course materials and lectures more interactive. Students can practice and test their understanding with flip cards created from digital notes. Options to deploy are: Peer review/feedback, Group member evaluation, Assignment feedback, Interactive documents and Interactive video.  Google Drive or Dropbox Teams - Cloud services that enable creating, writing, editing and collaborating on documents or other files.
  10. 10. Polling & Quizzes × GoSoapbox - Intuitive student response system for educators to use in their classrooms. Leveraging web-enabled devices, teachers digitally engage students to conduct formative assessment and gain insight into student comprehension.  Mentimeter - Audience response system that enables participants to share knowledge and real-time feedback mobile, During presentations, polls or brainstorming sessions in educational settings.  Wooclap - Interactive voting system that supports interactivity in educational settings. It enable teachers to interact with students, to which students respond with their smartphone, tablet or computer.
  11. 11. Virtual classrooms  Blackboard Collaborate - Online collaborative learning application (integrated in EleUM). Real-time video conferencing tool (8 participants with video) for adding files, sharing applications, and using a virtual whiteboard to interact.  Skype - Communications software for providing video and/or voice calls. Skype can be used for group calls (10 participants with video, 25 with audio) including sharing of files and screens.
  12. 12. Blast from the past: Learning and Working × University-wide project from 2009-2013, with as central objective to design new or transform existing learning content into distance or blended learning courses. With this initiative the university aimed to create opportunities for professionals, postgraduates and part-time students to pursue university education within their own constraints and with maximum flexibility.
  13. 13. Digital Mentorate  Qualtrics - Digital self-assessment of PBL-skills and ePortfolio composition.
  14. 14. Digital Mentorate – a return on investment  Combined and comprehensive solution for PBL-skills self-assessment and a portfolio composition;  User-friendly application and interface for students and mentors, working flawless on mobile devices as well;  More informative portfolios, therefore resulting in more dedicated discussions between students and their mentors;  Standardisation of self-assessment and portfolio procedures and document formats;  Learning analytics for insight in longitudinal individual and total student performances, subsequently being able to tackle potential skills progress problems and offer the necessary advice and guidance;  Availability of easy to retrieve data for educational research and publication purposes.
  15. 15. Learning analytics
  16. 16. New developments – Digital testing
  17. 17. New developments – Digital textbooks
  18. 18. Thank you!