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Gamification in the traditional education environment


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Maria Teresa Bendito Cañizares from UNED gave a presentation about gamification as part of the online events by expert pool Institutional Support within EMPOWER.

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Gamification in the traditional education environment

  1. 1. Web-meeting on ICT & EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT/MEDIA SUPPORTS SERVICES EADTU (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities) 9:25 hs 22th April 2016 Mª Teresa Bendito Cañizares Professor of Civil Law – Faculty of Law-UNED -Obstacles for extend gamification in the traditional education environment -Self-regulation for electronic games
  2. 2. Why gamification is IMPORTANT in learning? What is ITS added value? THE ANIMUS IOCANDI
  3. 3. Gamification is a way of appealing and gaining the loyalty of students and professors since… • Learners manage their talents during leisure time; and • Educators improve their creativity during teaching time
  4. 4. Think about this cocktail Cocktail “Humour-game-science” H G HOW are these goals achieved?
  5. 5. Our philosophy is… “If learning is a game during childhood, why not continue playing?” THEREFORE…
  6. 6. HOW to do it Using traditional games irespective of the format Have a look, please
  7. 7. “Legal games”, as a model of gamification, was born in UNED • First in 2002, in paper format • In 2013, as e-book and Apps
  8. 8. This App is the last development of Legal Games. Here you can find a demo
  9. 9. WHAT’S ABOUT THE RESULTS OF LEGAL GAMES? Pretty good for students and Professors : 1) more to teach and to learn 2) a model of Self-assessment 3) they get closer to each other (monitoring) 4) students keep in contact with the matter, since it is easier for them to take materials and use them anywhere BUT NOT pretty good FOR CREATORS two reasons: 1) NEED FOR PROFESSORS TO GET COSTUMED TO USE THIS METHODOLOGY IN LAW MATTERS 2) RESOURCES AND FUNDS
  10. 10. To get the Universities’ commitment and agreement to give CREATIVITY a relevant role in the creation of learning pedagogical materials as an element of our SELF-REGULATIONs or Code of conducts WHAT IS THE PROPOSAL I SUBMIT TO YOU in order to extend projects like“Legal games”? Why?
  11. 11. At present, self-regulations in our Universities do not consider “creativity” as an element to make blended learning pedagogical models. If the envisaged self-regulation supports innovations based on ludic methods of teaching, such as “Legal Games”, the use of such methods would be valorized by our assessment systems, in such a way that … Professors would be encouraged to innovate when teaching; and Sponsors would give support to projects alike