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Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange


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Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange by José Díez Verdejo, European Commission

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Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange

  1. 1. Education and Training Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange EADTU Peer Learning Activity - Virtual mobility Maastricht, 12 December 2018 José DIEZ VERDEJO DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture European Commission
  2. 2. Politics Education Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Paris Declaration Blended learning Internationalisation Future Erasmus Media literacy against fake news European Neighbourhood Policy Why? EU Youth Strategy
  3. 3. Education and Training 34 Erasmus+ Programme Countries & 10 Southern Mediterranean Partner Countries Where?
  4. 4. Education and Training What? The virtual exchange concept Technology-enabled, people-to-people education programmes, sustained over a period of time in which communication and interaction takes place between individuals or groups who are geographically separated, with the support of facilitators and/or educators.
  5. 5. Erasmus+ 5 How does it look like?
  6. 6. Education and Training Goals Intercultural awareness Skills development
  7. 7. Education and Training Academia • Professors • Administrators • Students Youth • Youth workers • Young people Target groups
  8. 8. Education and Training How? Training • For anybody to become facilitator • For educators to develop their own virtual exchanges Exchanges • Online Facilitated Dialogues • Interactive Open Online Courses
  9. 9. Education and Training Training to become a facilitator Skills: active listening, summarising and reframing Hands-on practice and feedback from trainers Individualised coaching
  10. 10. Education and Training Training to develop international projects • Professors take the initiative • Goal: to develop an international virtual exchange project • Integration of the virtual exchange into existing courses
  11. 11. Examples of training to develop Transnational Virtual Exchange projects Partners’ countries Fields France-Czech Republic Chemistry and Physics-Business Tunisia-France English as a Foreign Language France-Spain English - Chemical and Environmental Engineering Germany - Finland - Czech Republic - Ireland Business and Management – Global Virtual Teams Italy-Libya History Spain-Poland Computer Science and Gaming-Business and Management Palestine-Netherlands English as a Foreign Langauge - Journalism Spain-Poland Business & Economics - English for Specific Purposes
  12. 12. Education and Training Online facilitated dialogues • Endorsement by professors • Participants from various countries in small groups • Non-formal discussions but readings and papers • Promotion by universities’ international units • Great impact as first international experience
  13. 13. Education and Training Interactive open online courses Previous IOOCs: Introduction to Dialogue Facilitation Countering Hate Speech Refugees in Europe Gender In/Equality in Media and Journalism Culture and Politics in Europe Newcomers and Nationalism Option: incorporate interactive activities to existing MOOCs
  14. 14. Education and Training Recognition • Open badges for each activity and for trainers and facilitators • Their value will depend on endorsement by universities and employers
  15. 15. Education and Training Stories of virtual exchanges Syrine Ayachi, Tunisia, 22 years old: “We all know that young people are the future leaders. So, if we help them through the virtual exchange to become more open-minded and give them the opportunity to see the world through new eyes away from the propaganda, we can have a better, more peaceful world”. • Skills : active listening, critical thinking, asking good questions, open- mindedness • Different cultures : their religion, traditional food, marriage, major festivals in each country, values • Global issues : poverty, women rights, educational system, the negative effect of social media, immigration
  16. 16. Education and Training erasmusvirtual