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[EMC-LM 2nd convention] Emc presentation FutureLearn by Mark Wallace



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[EMC-LM 2nd convention] Emc presentation FutureLearn by Mark Wallace. 19 February 2021

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[EMC-LM 2nd convention] Emc presentation FutureLearn by Mark Wallace

  1. 1. FUTURELEARN: Higher Education and Industry working together to develop stackable credentials Mark Wallace, Partnership Director
  2. 2. RUNNING HEADER FutureLearn’s purpose is to transform global access to education ABOUT FUTURELEARN
  3. 3. Summary ● Why are we doing this? ● What is a validation partner ? ● The current portfolio ● Learner proposition ● What next?
  4. 4. Short course 4 - 24 learning hours # min Regular cohorts Microcredential Paid access Developed within CMF 100 - 150 learning hours Credit awarded 10 - 15 UK credits = 4 - 6 ECTS = 2 - 3 US credits Endorsed by at least one industry partner Regular cohorts Start Learning for Free Pay for ongoing access, tests and certificate Always available 20 - 150 learning hours Paid access Endorsed or certified by at least one industry partner or professional body Professional certificate Price from free Upgrade £40o £199 PA full catalogue Price from £99 – £500 Prices from £450 – £1000 ExpertTrack £39 per month Always available Monthly subscription, 7 day free trial Pay for access to content after 7 days, assessments and certificates 40 - 50 learning hours A brief overview of FutureLearn’s full coverage of products LEARNER VALIDATION PROPOSITION Recognition of prior learning
  5. 5. Why are we doing this? Validation as a route for learners
  6. 6. Deep expertise LEARNER EMPLOYER 1. Find a job 2. Move into a new role 3. Increase lifetime earning potential 1. Close skills gaps 2. Move employees onto more valuable work 3. Increase economic value of employees Improving employability outcomes is the key
  7. 7. Deep expertise A significant amount of expertise sits outside of HEI’s
  8. 8. Built by Industry • In-demand skills and knowledge • Course experience aligns to professional lives • Using subject experts in teaching and learning • Provides professional education and development
  9. 9. Powered by FutureLearn • Quality social learning experience • FutureLearn driving course development • Adapting to learner and market demands • Increases value to Lifelong Learners
  10. 10. What is a Validation Partner Institute and Course based Validation
  11. 11. WHAT ARE THEY? Accredited by Coventry University • Adds academic credit to our learning experience • Ensures academic integrity and value • Provides high-touch oversight and additional QA • Delivers satisfaction and peace of mind
  12. 12. Approval Pre-approval, FutureLearn & validation partner Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategy Our approaches, design/build and learner support Review and Improvement Feedback, iteration & formal review Committees Approval, Oversight, Operations and Appeals Policies i.e. Extenuating Circumstances, Deferrals, Appeals, Complaints, Code of conduct, Plagiarism, etc Validation governance framework 2 1 3 4 5 Source: iStock LEARNER VALIDATION PROPOSITION
  13. 13. Validating FutureLearn as an Institute Quality Assurance Committees and Boards to support our students’ lives Partner Validation
  14. 14. # min Responsibility FutureLearn Partner Accrediting Partner Marketing B2C Marketing B2B Platform hosting and reporting Curriculum and content Learning Design and Production Facilitation Accreditation Course Validation Model
  15. 15. The Current Portfolio Here’s some we did earlier
  16. 16. Examples of Microcredentials ● 4 unique postgraduate courses created by FutureLearn in collaboration with industry leader and accredited by Coventry University. ● MC’s can be taken alone or in batches and provide advanced entry to around 20 pathway courses at the university (available on campus or online)
  17. 17. Learner proposition
  18. 18. Validation adds credit, the currency of higher education, into industry expertise. We believe that combining industry and academia is a compelling offering. Leading Education Partner Leading Industry Partner Inspiring Educators Learners are demanding proof of skills attained. Academic validation meets this need. LEARNER VALIDATION PROPOSITION
  19. 19. We are building a global validation network to support learner achievement and international pathways UK/ Europe Partner(s) US Partner(s) Asia Pacific Partner(s) LEARNER VALIDATION PROPOSITION
  20. 20. What Next?
  21. 21. RUNNING HEADER ● Whilst no credit is attached the learner gains directly transferable skills ● Adding a university badge should raise the overall value of each course ● adding value to industry partners who have their ET's and SC's endorsed ● adding value for learners and their employers or potential employers ● FutureLearn is now promoting the value of an academic partner’s endorsement / hallmark of quality to non-HEI ExpertTracks and short courses ● Learners gaining a recognised and trusted education brand HEI AND Industry Endorsement Providing Endorsement for MooCs (SC’s) and ExpertTracks (ET’s) LEARNER VALIDATION PROPOSITION