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EABIS: The network on business in society issues


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EABIS is an unique alliance of businesses, business schools and international institutions committed to promoting more sustainable business practice through partnership, learning and research. EABIS’ objective is to be a reference point for organisations seeking access to leading edge thinking and practice in corporate responsiblity, sustainability, and governance.

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EABIS: The network on business in society issues

  1. 1. The Academy of Business in Society is a unique globalnetwork of leading business schools, global companies and thought leadership institutions, committed to mainstreaming sustainable enterprise in business research, policy research, management education, executive learning and development. © EABIS Copyright 2011
  2. 2. Growth is driving an expanded value proposition based on new models of collaboration and partnershipToday EABIS has over 120 members and reaches 3,500+ businesses through © EABIS Copyright 2011 affiliated networks
  3. 3. What we doEABIS is a unique alliance of companies, business schools and otherinstitutions committed to promoting more sustainable business practicethrough partnership, learning and research. We: Facilitate Communicate Engage• Shared learning • Opportunities for • Members in developingopportunities collaboration with other individual route maps to• Platforms to showcase members and strategic maximise relationshippractice and thinking partners benefits• Partnerships to address • Intelligence on current • Professional, trade andlearning, research and trends, major issues and other membershipoperational needs relevant themes for organisations in building• Funding propositions for sustainable business strategic partnershipscollaborative research and • Updates and access to • Policy makers in defininglearning projects. our rich online knowledge the agenda for sustainable and information resource. business. © EABIS Copyright 2011
  4. 4. What are members doEABIS is a reference point for organisations seeking access to leading edgethinking and practice in corporate responsibility, sustainability andgovernance. That is recognised by major institutions, not least the EuropeanCommission. Our members: Innovate Influence Inspire• Seizing opportunities for • Content and delivery of • Learning from theirpersonal and mainstream business experience inorganisational learning; education and research; implementation of new• Taking current ideas and • Thinking of policy makers approaches;approaches and testing to better enable • Change in the quality ofthem against others’ best sustainable business; debate on sustainablepractice and emerging • Their reputation as business;thinking; leaders in sustainable • Others to follow thought• Working with partners to business practice and and practice leadership.develop solutions to the thinking.key challenges we face. © EABIS Copyright 2011
  5. 5. Sharpening the sawOur members join because they are leaders in their fields, brought togetherby a commitment to: Shape the debate on the changing role of business in a global economyand society Equip current and future business leaders with the capacity to developsustainable business Transform the relationship between business leaders, academics,policy makers and others who inspire sustainable business practice Inform policy makers at national, European and global level Build the network to deliver global action and learning © EABIS Copyright 2011
  7. 7. MembershipFor an annual membership fee (€6,000) our members receive:• Free participation and speaking opportunities at EABIS events;• The opportunity to drive your own projects around themes relevant to yourbusiness with access to high level academic thought leaders;• The possibility to spread your initiatives and build your company profilethrough EABIS channels (newsletter, website, social networking platforms);• Access to knowledge (books, journals, reports) and exclusive access tocase study material and presentations via the member only area.The EABIS network in return expects:• Engagement at all levels of the member organisation in projects andevents;• A dedicated contact person who is in regular contact with the designatedEABIS account manager;• Attendance at the annual General Assembly meeting organised during theannual Colloquium (which in 2011 will be hosted by INSEAD). © EABIS Copyright 2011
  8. 8. Future events26-28 October 2011Annual Colloquium: A new era of development Fontainebleau26 October 2011PhD Conference Fontainebleau17-18 November 2011Practical Wisdom from the Islamic tradition Ifrane (Marocco)March 2012Networking event on sustainable finance Tilburg/Utrecht (NL)4-5 July 2012Annual Colloquium: Sustainability, strategicinnovation & entrepreneurship Lausanne © EABIS Copyright 2011
  9. 9. Beyond membershipThrough EABIS, members can play central roles in shaping anddelivering high visibility initiatives on priority areas for core businessand policy-making."We began the Valuing non-financial performance project as one partnerin a collaborative venture. The quality and depth of research generatedby the EABIS academic partners gave the project real credibility. Inaddition to our own internal learning, the recognition from investors,peers and policy makers of our thought leadership was a significantoutcome. It more than justified the additional resources we contributed tothe project."Paolo NazzaroHead of Group Sustainability, Telecom ItaliaCo-lead, EU Alliance Laboratory on Valuing Non-Financial Performance © EABIS Copyright 2011
  10. 10. Among current activities and focus InternationalGlobal agenda Sustainable Value: action Measuring Non-Financial Performance Project focus is to agree a process for in-company KPI-assessment; plan the development of an improvement process; and support delivery of the assessment and new tools where appropriate. Consumer Perceptions of Corporate Responsibility Pioneering research to explore if socially responsible behaviour is subject to a halo effect whereby consumer awareness of one set of CR actions will influence their perceptions of CR performance in other areas. Developing Global Leaders for the 21st Century Business-focused surveys and research identifying the knowledge and skill sets that executives need, the performance gap and innovative case studies on capability development. Commercial Innovative growth partnership © EABIS Copyright 2011
  11. 11. Future activities and focus InternationalGlobal agenda Beyond Lobbying: action New Business-Government Dialogue The interests or business, government and other stakeholders are not always competing. There are examples of synergistic multilateral agendas. The extent to which these synergies result in effective regulation will be explored. Managing Stakeholder Media How do stakeholder media affect org. reputation? Research aims to predict and resolve conflicts and crises, and how to effectively deal with stakeholder dynamics. CR and the Social Value of Brands How do companies effectively influence consumer behaviour, and what are key areas where such behavioural change can have an impact? Commercial Innovative growth partnership © EABIS Copyright 2011
  12. 12. PartnershipIn addition to an annual fee of €10,000 EABIS’ corporate partnersinvest a minimum of €70,000 every year to drive their own customisedprojects focusing on critical sustainability challenges for theircompany. Increasingly these programmes are taking a global scope toreflect EABIS’ international growth.We support our partners in the co-creation and delivery of initiatives such as:• Research incubators and/or international events around sustainabilityissues in the financial sector;• Accessing academic thought leaders in business schools to jointly work onthe implementation of your organisation’s knowledge & talent developmentstrategy;• Connecting with other companies and stakeholders across sectors todeliver research, learning and solutions on a key thematic issue (socialinnovation and entrepreneurship, community involvement, sustainablesupply chains, etc). © EABIS Copyright 2011
  13. 13. Examples of partnership initiatives • Sustainability in Emerging Markets • Leadership and Ethics in the Chinese Context • Advancing Health Decision-Making in the Global Context • Managing Stakeholder Media • Cloud Computing and Competitiveness • Enabling Technologies and the New Business in Society Agenda • Sustainability and Innovations in Executive Development • Global Governance and Scenarios for Sustainability • Social Branding and Sustainability • Sustainable Value Chains © EABIS Copyright 2011
  14. 14. Who to contactCorporate affairs team:John Swannick Claudia KipkaExecutive director External affairs The Academy of Business in Society 78-80, Rue Defacqz, B-1060 Brussels, Belgium Visit or follow us on: © EABIS Copyright 2011