Health service quality development 282 presentation


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Health service quality development 282 presentation

  1. 1. ****Presentation******** By Edward GAMA:13786131=======================
  2. 2. Public Inquiry of Jayant Patel
  3. 3. IntroductionJayant Mukundray Patel: Born on April 10, 1950 A surgeon at Bundaberg Base Hospital in Queensland, Australia In 2005 Patel was blamed for an uncivilized act while working in Bundaberg Base Hospital==========================================
  4. 4. Contd.was accused of showing incompetence at work and on June 2010was condemned and announced as a criminal on account of murdering three innocent people and another for agonizing harm to a patientPatel was held in jail for seven years============================================
  5. 5. BackgroundPatel was employed by Queensland Health which is a government department of health, under an "area of need program”Patel in 2003 was promoted to the post of Director of Surgery at the Bundaberg Base Hospital without checking his prior qualifications or credentialshe was assigned even though he had no expert knowledge============================================
  6. 6. Contd.was the reason which explained his incompetence as he was described by the staff as "antiquated" and "sloppy".nurses were reported to have said that whenever Patel was in the hospital they specially hid their patients because he demonstrated poor performanceHe did not maintain hygiene conditions and the staff named him"Dr. Death“============================================
  7. 7. Concerns Made Publica regular meeting held in Queensland Health which holds "Question Time" sessions.Stuart Copeland raised the topic of Patel’s clinical practiceStuart Copeland was warned by Toni Hoffman about Patel’s practices.Toni was a nurse practicing at Bundaberg Base Hospital during those times============================================
  8. 8. Patel LeavesAfter his suspension, Patel’s passport was not taken into custody then he left Australia for Portland and was paid by Queensland HealthIn 2007, Patel appeared in the sixty minutes film produced by Stephen Rice in the “Nine Network’s current affair program”This got Jayant a lot of public attentions============================================
  9. 9. Extradition to AustraliaOn 22 November, 2006 Patel was taken into custody and jailed on the orders of a magistrate who issued a warrant for Patels arrest and was exiled to Australia. Patel was accused of three killings and five charges of body harm and on 21 July 2008 was exiled to Australia============================================
  10. 10. ConsequencesPolitical: As Queensland faced a police inquiry on account of hiring an incompetent doctor so obviously their image and name was also affected. The Queenslands Labour Party government which is led by Peter Beattie also faced problems because of this scandal. Then Gordon Nuttall after some time quit his job from his cabinet position as he was charged of corruption.============================================
  11. 11. Contd.Patients in Bundaberg: The unfortunate patients who were examined by Patel threatened and warned Queensland Government for their inability of taking necessary actions to control Patel’s practices on time. More than a thousand patients were treated by Patel and were then retreated to undo the damages============================================
  12. 12. Contd.Morris Inquiry: Beattie Government summoned the “Bundaberg Hospital Commission of Inquiry" in reply to Patel’s case which attracted a lot of disapproval from the public and the officials likewise. Anthony Morris in the tenth of June published an interim report which stated that all things included Patel was innocent and the charges against him were false. The report was tabled in State Parliament.============================================
  13. 13. Contd.The report suggested that Patel be released of the previous charges and must be blamed for one manslaughter, with causing "a negligent act causing harm" to another patient. Also the report included, Patel charged with the crime of fraud as he registered falsely in the Medical board of Queensland hospital for practicing medicine. It also involved Patel to be exiled and suggested some amendments to the Medical Practitioners Registration Act 2001.============================================
  14. 14. ExtraditionPatel was taken into custody on 11 March 2008 by FBI agents. Patel presented himself in the court earlier that day declaring that he was unable to pay for a lawyer and therefore appeared with a court lawyer. The nurse who had provided evidence against Patel named Toni Hoffman responded to Patel’s arrest by saying that "I am relieved hes been arrested, but theres still a lot to go."============================================
  15. 15. AftermathPatel’s colleagues in Australia confirmed that on a lot of instances they have warned the administration of Patel’s inabilities and his non hygienic practices. All these confirmations were on aired in a television documentary by CNN named "They Called Him ‘Dr. Death’”.============================================
  16. 16. Conclusion
  17. 17. Questions????============================================