Dimitrios Buhalis- The E-Tourism Experience


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Presentation at the 5th Annual E-Tourism Africa Summit in Cape Town by Professor Dimitrios Buhalis- Chairman of IFITT

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Dimitrios Buhalis- The E-Tourism Experience

  1. 1. © Professor Dimitrios BuhaliseTourism Futures : Experience, Co‐creation, Context‐Awareness and Augmented Reality Applications  www.bournemouth.ac.uk/tourism eTourism Futures : Experience, Co-creation, Context-Awareness and Augmented Reality Applications Professor Dimitrios Buhalis Bournemouth University President IFITT www.bournemouth.ac.uk/icthr www.buhalis.com www.bournemouth.ac.uk 1 www.bournemouth.ac.uk 2 Tourism and the Business Environment – Day 1 Professor Dimitrios B h li Di it i Buhalis Bournemouth University TUI Travel PLC || Management Trainee Programme presentation | 2008 | Page 3 3 Travel PLC Management Trainee Programme presentation | 2008 | Page www.enter-2013.org www.ifitt.org www.bournemouth.ac.uk 5 www.bournemouth.ac.uk 6 Bournemouth University eTourism Lab www.bournemouth.ac.uk/etourismlab ww.buhalis.com        IFITT www.ifitt.org Email: dbuhalis@bournemouth.ac.uk 1
  2. 2. © Professor Dimitrios BuhaliseTourism Futures : Experience, Co‐creation, Context‐Awareness and Augmented Reality Applications  http://youtu.be/gcuFkiEORsE THE FUTURE? www.bournemouth.ac.uk 7 7 18.09.2012 Barbara Neuhofer  2012 8 Theoretical Background What are Experiences? EXPERIENCES EXPERIENCE ECONOMY • Personal occurrences  with highly emotional  EXPERIENCE CO‐CREATION significance obtained by  i ifi bt i d b INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION  the consumption of  TECHNOLOGIES products and services  TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED  • (Holbrook and Hirschman, 1982) TOURIST EXPERIENCE http://wikieducator.org/images/thumb/d/d b/Books.jpg/200px‐Books.jpg 18.09.2012 Barbara Neuhofer  2012 9 What are Tourist Experiences? why experiences are important? THINK: • Consumers increasingly strive for unique and How would you define a tourist experience? memorable experiences today (Pine and Gilmore, 1999) • Consumers do not buy products/services but  buy experiences delivered by the consumption experiences delivered by the consumption  of these services (Morgan et al., 2010) • Consequence –competitive advantage can only  be obtained by providing consumers with  experiences and creating added value (Pine and Gilmore, 1999; Grönroos, 2000) Bournemouth University eTourism Lab www.bournemouth.ac.uk/etourismlab ww.buhalis.com        IFITT www.ifitt.org Email: dbuhalis@bournemouth.ac.uk 2
  3. 3. © Professor Dimitrios BuhaliseTourism Futures : Experience, Co‐creation, Context‐Awareness and Augmented Reality Applications  EXPERIENCE ECONOMY Experience Economy Difference tourism service – tourism experience: What creates a memorable tourism experience? 18.09.2012 Barbara Neuhofer  2012 13 Technology Enhanced Tourist  WHAT CREATES A TOURISM EXPERIENCE? Experiences • Technology is drastically changing experiences • Let’s have a look what technology‐enhanced  experiences could look like in the near future... 18.09.2012 Barbara Neuhofer  2012 15 18.09.2012 Barbara Neuhofer  2012 16 EXPERIENCE CO‐CREATION Experience Co‐Creation • Customers are becoming more active,  powerful and in control (Prahalad and Ramaswamy, 2004) • Co‐creation allow consumers to play an active  p p part to co‐create their own experiences  conjointly with the company in quest for  personal growth (Prahalad and Ramaswamy, 2004) Individual human being, rather than the  company is central element and new starting  point of the experience creation (Binkhorst and Den  18.09.2012 Barbara Neuhofer  2012 17 Dekker, 2009) Bournemouth University eTourism Lab www.bournemouth.ac.uk/etourismlab ww.buhalis.com        IFITT www.ifitt.org Email: dbuhalis@bournemouth.ac.uk 3
  4. 4. © Professor Dimitrios BuhaliseTourism Futures : Experience, Co‐creation, Context‐Awareness and Augmented Reality Applications  Experience Co‐Creation TECHNOLOGY 18.09.2012 Barbara Neuhofer  2012 20 (Prahalad and Ramaswamy, 2004) THE CONSUMER (E‐TOURIST) IS THE CENTRAL ELEMENT OF THE EXPERIENCE Multiple stages of tourist experience What is the role of technology in the different stages? • 1 Dreaming: Engage and inspire Social Media ‐ Travel blogs, travel review sites • 2 Planning: Search and compare Websites and Media, provide Websites and Social Media provide information • 3 Booking: Decide and book Booking platforms, engage consumers • 4 On‐Site Experience: Co‐create unique experiences Online & offline, mobile services, LBS • 5 Sharing: Share, review and engage Social Media – engage consumers Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare,  TripAdvisor  Technology is omnipresent and accompanies the individual in all  stages, i.e. pre‐travel, during and post‐travel stages Role of social media ICTs in the tourist experience inthe tourist experience TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED TOURIST EXPERIENCE Pre‐Travel During Travel Post Travel • Preliminary  • On‐site and on the • Post‐sharing of information search move: experiences • Decision making D ii ki •CCommunication,  i ti •EEngaging with i ith • Travel planning interaction experience • Search for provider information,  recommendations • Sharing experience • Virtual reality systems • Mobile devices: • Social Media • Interactive websites • Applications • Websites • Social media • Social Media 18.09.2012 Barbara Neuhofer  2012 23 Bournemouth University eTourism Lab www.bournemouth.ac.uk/etourismlab ww.buhalis.com        IFITT www.ifitt.org Email: dbuhalis@bournemouth.ac.uk 4
  5. 5. © Professor Dimitrios BuhaliseTourism Futures : Experience, Co‐creation, Context‐Awareness and Augmented Reality Applications  WHAT IS CONTEXT? User User System Network System Network DESKTOP USER MOBILE USER CONTEXT is Any information that can be used to characterize the situation of an  CONTEXT‐AWARENESS AND ADAPTATION entity. An entity is a person, place or object that is considered relevant to the Interaction between the user and the application.   25 26 www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk CONTEXT‐AWARENESS AND PERSONALISATION LOCATION‐BASED SERVICES AR-specific Visibility Distance Structure Colour of Of background background Time Interests Standard Tourism- Orientation Duration Specific Of stayy Current Dist. location b/n attractions 2) We use them the adapt the  • Location‐awareness is a special case of context‐awareness. interface/behaviour/ • Location‐based services are widely popular today. content www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk AUGMENTED REALITY  CONTEXT‐AWARE AR FOR TOURISM FUTURE OF ETOURISM www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk Bournemouth University eTourism Lab www.bournemouth.ac.uk/etourismlab ww.buhalis.com        IFITT www.ifitt.org Email: dbuhalis@bournemouth.ac.uk 5
  6. 6. © Professor Dimitrios BuhaliseTourism Futures : Experience, Co‐creation, Context‐Awareness and Augmented Reality Applications  WHAT IS AUGMENTED REALITY CONTEXT‐AWARE AND ADAPTIVE AR: A SCENARIO Reality Augmented Reality 32 www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk CONTEXT‐AWARE AND ADAPTIVE AR: A SCENARIO CONTEXT‐AWARE AND ADAPTIVE AR: A SCENARIO 33 34 www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk ENHANCED INTERACTIONS  ENHANCED INTERACTIONS 35 36 www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk Bournemouth University eTourism Lab www.bournemouth.ac.uk/etourismlab ww.buhalis.com        IFITT www.ifitt.org Email: dbuhalis@bournemouth.ac.uk 6
  7. 7. © Professor Dimitrios BuhaliseTourism Futures : Experience, Co‐creation, Context‐Awareness and Augmented Reality Applications  POTENTIAL OF AR FOR TOURISM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c6W4CCU9M4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTERI1s‐UyA Interested in surroundings Augmented Reality Information attached to PLACE Time‐pressured Information within FIELD‐OF‐VIEW Unfamiliar environment Information In CONTEXT WHAT IS AUGMENTED REALITY? www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk EDUCATION ‐ OUTDOOR The augmented view in the HMD AR  ArcheoGuide USE OF AR IN TOURISM Virtual humans re‐enacting everyday life at the  historical city of Pompeii  39 40 www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk ENTERTAINMENT NAVIGATION As opposed to using a map… Futuroscope’s AR  experience “The Future is  The LOCUS Project Wild” (France) Merlan Creative Studio Magic Mirror at  3D Navigation Tomorrowland, Disney 41 42 www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk Bournemouth University eTourism Lab www.bournemouth.ac.uk/etourismlab ww.buhalis.com        IFITT www.ifitt.org Email: dbuhalis@bournemouth.ac.uk 7
  8. 8. © Professor Dimitrios BuhaliseTourism Futures : Experience, Co‐creation, Context‐Awareness and Augmented Reality Applications  PERSONAL ASSISTANCE MARKETING Cisco’s Magic Mirror Amiens from Total Immersion The virtual assistant in the MARA Project (Schmeil et al. 2006) The MagicBook, or MagicCatalogue??? 43 44 www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk IMPLICATIONS SMARTPHONE AR http://youtu.be/9Ln0lT6pew8 Enhance fast large huge THE EXPERIENCE DEVELOPMENT OUTREACH INTEREST Of both a  PRODUCT and SERVICE PRODUCT and SERVICE Make it more perceived usability and utility are very  FUN, COLLABORATIVE… LOW Do this Olsson et al., 2009 Olsson & Väänänen‐Vainio‐Mattila, 2011 DURING THE TRIP 45 www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? market reach change DESTINATIONS CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCES PROBLEMS www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk Bournemouth University eTourism Lab www.bournemouth.ac.uk/etourismlab ww.buhalis.com        IFITT www.ifitt.org Email: dbuhalis@bournemouth.ac.uk 8
  9. 9. © Professor Dimitrios BuhaliseTourism Futures : Experience, Co‐creation, Context‐Awareness and Augmented Reality Applications  INFORMATION PRESENTATION CONTENT, LEVEL OF DETAIL, TERMINOLOGY www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk AMOUNT OF INFORMATION: OVERLOAD PLACEMENT OF INFORMATION: OVERLAP www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk PLACEMENT OF INFORMATION: OUT‐OF‐SCREEN ANNOTATIONS PERCEPTUAL ISSUES: AMBIGUITY www.bournemouth.ac.uk www.bournemouth.ac.uk Bournemouth University eTourism Lab www.bournemouth.ac.uk/etourismlab ww.buhalis.com        IFITT www.ifitt.org Email: dbuhalis@bournemouth.ac.uk 9
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  12. 12. © Professor Dimitrios BuhaliseTourism Futures : Experience, Co‐creation, Context‐Awareness and Augmented Reality Applications  Stay in touch with Dimitrios Professor Buhalis Dimitrios WWW.BUHALIS.COM Director, eTourism Lab International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Research (ICTHR) School of Tourism, Bournemouth University, Poole,BH12 5BB, UK Tel: +44 1202 961517 Email: dbuhalis@bournemouth ac uk dbuhalis@bournemouth.ac.uk http://www.bournemouth.ac.uk/services-management/ http://www.bournemouth.ac.uk/icthr/ and http://www.bournemouth.ac.uk/icthr/about_us.pdf Dimitrios Blog: http://buhalis.blogspot.com/ Live spaces: http://buhalid.spaces.live.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/buhalis Twitter: http://twitter.com/buhalid YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/buhalid Academia http://bournemouth.academia.edu/DimitriosBuhalis www.bournemouth.ac.uk 67 Bournemouth University eTourism Lab www.bournemouth.ac.uk/etourismlab ww.buhalis.com        IFITT www.ifitt.org Email: dbuhalis@bournemouth.ac.uk 12