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Roberto Ferrari, Regione Toscana


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From science to policies: the road ahead

Published in: Science
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Roberto Ferrari, Regione Toscana

  1. 1. From science to policies: the road ahead Roberto Ferrari (PhD) - Director of Culture and Research for Tuscany Region
  2. 2. • Science and society – Internet (comfort zone and illusion of peers) – Education (students as clients) – Mass media (too much info, no meaning)
  3. 3. • Engaged scholars in fragmented society – time of solutions as a as a key variable – Public debate – Evidence-based policies
  4. 4. • Heritage as a glue of society
  5. 5. • Evidence-based policies – Tools (dashbord) – Analysis
  6. 6. 1. Optimal funding mix for conservation/restor ation/management 2. Time of research vs time of institutions 3. Relevance of research as an institutional issue.
  7. 7. Thanks