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Project management for successful e-Government/eID/Mobile implementation


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Key aspects for successful project managements of e-government and mobile implementation. Presentation held by Mr. Mario Houthooft, within the first session of the FORUM „INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN GOVERNMENT”, dedicated to interoperability, held at Chisinau, January 16th 2012.

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Project management for successful e-Government/eID/Mobile implementation

  1. 1. Project managementfor successful e-Government/eID/Mobile implementation Mario Houthooft January 16th, 2012 Chisinau
  2. 2. Project management for successful e-Government/eID/Mobile implementation• In many cases e-Government project have as objective to “replace” an existing process by a so called full electronic process using an eID card and perhaps also mobile devices• Considered as just another IT project Unit/SystemRequirements Specifications Development testing Technical Production Pilot Acceptance acceptance set up
  3. 3. Project management for successful e-Government/eID/Mobile implementation• Why are e-Government projects different from other IT projects?• Online applications ID & User Data
  4. 4. Project management for successful e-Government/eID/Mobile implementationToday we are in the post-PC era• New devices• New Media• User Centric
  5. 5. Key project considerations• Why e-Government project? – “ Make the Notaries use the eID card to sign and deposit deeds and documents” – “reduce the time a company needs to get registered from 57 days to 3 days”• Electronic versus Paper data flows• Use of industry IT Standards• Application interoperability• Optimal use of “new” devices in applications
  6. 6. Key project considerations• User Centric – Easy and secure – Self service offering including “what if I loose my eID card/mobile, I have an eID and a mobile, multiple devices,…”• Legal compliance from the start• Electronic and live Help desk• Acceptance criteria based on user adoption – including user feedback mechanisms (polls, vote, rate,..)• What if then else senarios - Exception handling• Agile project management• Go to Market timing
  7. 7. Key project considerations• Project Board/team should also include – “New devices” knowledge – “Legacy” systems representatives/knowledge (how does it work today) – Users/representatives – Usabilty experts (end user uptake is the succesfactor or project killer) – Operations representatives – Legal competence
  8. 8. Getting eID/Mobile On Board “4 steps towards more satisfied users” 1 Initial business case and analysis -Decide on win/win business case(s) 2 Detailed business &analysis 3 Pilot - Detailed analysis of win/win business cases - Detailed technical/functional/security/legal - Set up of live pilot managed by project team over fixed period with 4 Production analysis - Decide on business case measurable (user) deliverables, priorities/technical solution criteria - Exploitation - Develop & Run demonstrator - Decide on results and make plan Monitor user adoption, feedback and for usage/exploitation market momentum Validate, specify, develop8
  9. 9. THANK YOU Questions? Mario Houthooft CEO LIN.K nv 475 567 884 +32 9 252 28 47