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Georgian Governmental Gateway


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Presentation held by Mr. Irakli Gvenetadze, Chairman at Data Exchange Agency, within the Regional Workshop on Georgia's anti-corruption and public service delivery reforms (22-24 September 2011).

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Georgian Governmental Gateway

  1. 1. Public Service Delivery of the Future – Combating Corruption, Streamlining PerformanceG3 – Georgian Governmental Gateway Irakli Gvenetadze LEPL Data Exchange Agency Batumi, September 22-24, 2011
  2. 2. DATE EXCHANGE AGENCY• Elaboration of the respective standards of promotion of informational technologies (systems) development and coordination and implementation of joint state policy.• Establishment of joint system of electronic message exchange and increase of governance efficiency with informational technologies (systems).• Elaboration of informational technologies (systems) and informational security policy and promotion of its implementation.
  3. 3. Introduction Reform Efficiency TransparencyTime Cost Availability Accountability Best method of problem solutionINFORMATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES
  4. 4. EXISTING SITUATION• Property registration, E-abstract, • Netbooks for all first graders• Business Registry • Student Information System-ongoing;• Civil Registry • School National on-line exam• eID and e-signature • Automated case management system for court system; project is• Biometrical Passport decisive phase and system is being introduced in offices • Centralized criminal case management –is being introduced;• E-filing system in the Ministry of Finance of Georgia- 90 % of taxpayers are actively using this system; • e-Procurement;• Automation of tax and customs systems (the process is ongoing as reforms taking place in this direction require changes in business • e-Auction of the property under the state ownership; processes); • a-Auction of real estate of Tbilisi City• Case management system of Tax dispute Hall; resolution; • Automation project of Enforcement Bureau• Central data storage and reporting system; • a-Notary project;• Electronic Treasury project.e-Treasury • Electronic directory system for state newspaper and legislative• Cash register management automation project-planned for next base – Official Gazett; year; • Automation project of Social Subsidies Agency• Electronic system for writing out VAT • Real Time Gross Settlement System of National Bank invoices; • Investment Management System of National Bank • Core Banking System of National Bank• Automation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;• Case management program for Ombudsman; • Chancellery automation project is being• Computerization of schools. Schools are implemented in all large ministries. equipped with computers and by the end of the this year all • Criminal case management system schools (2300) will be connected to internet; And many others...
  5. 5. EXISTING SITUATION AND MAIN PROBLEMS Limited budget Nonexistence of Shortage of qualified security personnel Nonexistence of Infrastructural standards expenses Incompatibility of data
  6. 6. “ARCHITECTURE” OF EL- GOVERNANCE SERVICES იუსტიცისს ეკონომიკური განათლების სამინისტრო განვიტარების სამინისტრო CRA, NAPR სამინისტრო Se es s Se r ce Service vi c vi c r s vi vi r es Se r ce Se s s Se rvice ფინანსტა სამინისტრო, Services შინაგან საქმეთა Seშემოსავლების სამინისტრო rv i ce Services s ices Services სამსახური s s e es es se i ce Servic Servic vi c vi c v r rv Ser Se r Se Se Ser vic es Services Se es Se Ser es s rv i ce vic ic i ce vi c r es Serv rv vi c s Se r Se es სხვა ბიზნესი ბანკი მოქალაქე სამინისტროქბი
  7. 7. BASIC PRINCIPLES OF AGENCY MANAGEMENTFacilitation of Information existing in the Public Registryservice for the should not be inquired. population:“One window Inculcation of quality- and customer – oriented service in public and private principle” sector with integration of existing services. “Silence is In case of non-response to the inquiry of a citizen in defined period of time, the issue consent” is considered as upheld.
  8. 8. DATA EXCHANGE INFRASTRUCTURE Ministry of Justice Response Ministry of Citizen Finance Bank Ministry of Education Data Exchange Agency Request Ministry of Business Health Request Response Ministry of Other Internal ministries Affairs
  9. 9. G3HIGH-LEVEL INFRASTRUCTURE External Systems Citizens and Businesses Government other users Employees Government Portal Government Gateway Payment Providers Government Back- End System Government Employees
  10. 10. G3 SYSTEM FUNCTIONING DESIGN External Applications Submission application Portal e-Services Catalog e-Forms (not a part of GG delivery)SOAP WS Web GovTalk Web Services (SOAP)API Federation Interface HTTP POST Submission() Receiving module Monitoring Audit and SQL Identity provider Priority Services Notification engine Registration Transaction Known facts & & Admin MsgsStorages Enrolment Audit Messaging Submission logging log Routing Services Application Monitoring Audit and Integration Audit DIS log Internal Information System Communication to Receiving module
  11. 11. MAIN GOALS Improvement of service of the type: government- government (G2G), Growth of efficiency of stateTransparency of information government-business (G2B), expenses; and government-citizen (G2C);Promotion of activization of Information exchange Provision of quality and mutual cooperation efficiency; accuracy of existing data; between state structures; Facilitated procedures for delivery of information andProvision of confidentiality; Standard data; services to citizens and agencies; Provision of single security Compatibility with standards; international standards;
  12. 12. El-GovernanceReceiving Information in Real Time Proper PlanningEffective Distribution of Resources Health Care and of State Budget Social SecureResults Monitoring Self-Government Agriculture Data Exchange Agency Georgian Governmental Gateway Education System without Duplicate
  13. 13. G3 – INFRASTRUCTURE AND PLANS FOR FUTUREJoint document exchange systemOrganization of electronic official correspondence distributionsystemCitizen’s portalTradeNet – establishment of joint trade-related service system
  14. 14. Citizen’s Portal Unified Automatized E-Governance State System Data Automatized ProcessingStatistical Data Medical Service Education Migration, Registration Property Demographic and other Personal Data CITIZEN Economic Activities State Development Social Condition Effective Public Planning and Policy Forecast
  15. 15. INFORMATIONAL SECURITYAVAILABILITY INTEGRITY CONFIDENTIALITYfalse informationnetwork jammingintrusionsinformation stealingsystem paralyzing
  16. 16. SPHERE OF RESPONSIBILITY Public sector + critical Defense infrastructure Secret information
  17. 17. INFORMATIONAL SECURITYIMPLEMENTATION MECHANISM Informational Cyber Security Security Policy CERT Georgia Increase of Increase of Network Reaction to AccessibilityStandards Inculcation Audit self- self- monitoring incidents test consciousness consciousness
  18. 18. Thank you for your attention!