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E agriculture projects in turkey ertugrul akin


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Published in: Business, Technology
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E agriculture projects in turkey ertugrul akin

  1. 1. Republic of Turkey The Ministry ofFood Agriculture and Livestock e-Agriculture Projects
  2. 2. e-Government Architect Organization RecordsEncouraging Environment Resource Human Regulations Legacy To construct a building, the order of flats to be constructed is important. When bulding an apartment you can’t build up 4th floor without first 3 floors. Morover the buldings should have also water system, sewerage system etc. Before all flats. Before them also there should be some ground based works. Before all of them mentioned here also there should be architecture project drawn by e-Gov Presentation by Mr. Guido Bertucci Director, DPADM/UNDESA Division for Publicstrategist. E-Gov projet isManagement (DPADM) United build up firstly the Administration and Development also like this. You can Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs e-Gov projects seen on the roof in the picture.
  3. 3. e-Agriculture : e-Government BasesElectronic-Government Projects Contents %20 •Technology 20%Electronic %20-Government %80 Social/Administrative Dimensions 80% Change Management 35% Restructiring the Business 40% Legal Infrastructure (ex: e-signature) Basic database records (e-population, Real Estate Registrarion, Vehicles Registration, Online Business) %80 Chance 5% (Ex: Unexpected administrative barrieer)
  4. 4. E-Agriculture: e-Government BasesE-Gov Projects should be planned by an e-Gov Arthitect. If started with a wrong ordered project meanwhile if entered wrong door, this mistake understood only if 3-5 years later when it is asked that the project to be integrated with the other projects, however this will not be possible. Because it is not planned to do so. When the true choice door is understood the previous wrong project becomes rubbish however the cost of this wrong choice is; a few million Dollars, the lost of 3-5 years, a lot of works, the more pains for the citizens , the pains continues for more and more years etc. Before doing this mistake and before not being too late e-gov adviser and strategist should be consulted. Before an e-Gov project started, Integration (illusrated on the left) should be considered. Common platform (dataBase & system), common Interface (One window web page) should be projected and considered in the architecture.
  5. 5. E-Gov projects are to beintegrated with the others E-Agriculture: e-Gov. Bases e-Agriculture as a e-Gov project, ofwhen it is completed Interoperability by Project Components which the components should be fittedbecause they areinteroperable and with each others just like a clock gearsinterdisciplinary projects. and the gears should return each others (On the left) Without the consultancy of e- Gov. a project taken from an institution, includes unconnected, and unintegrable structures. (Aşağıdaki şekil) By the consultancy of E-Gov advicer, an e-gov. project component, from where it is taken does not matter, just like puzlle on the left, will be designed as compitable and integrable with the other potential components. Then the whole projects of e-gov will grow in health. (On the left)
  6. 6. e-Agriculture: Agriculture Info System System Components (Subprojects)Animal Registration System (ARS)Pasture-Meadow Info System (MIS)Farmer Registration System (FRS)Aquaculture Info System (AQIS)Agricultural Geographic Info SystemsFood Security Info System (FSIS)Organic Agriculture Info System (OAIS)
  7. 7. E-Agriculture: Agriculture Info System The IntegrationsWith other e-Gov Projects Ministry of Interior National e-Id Project (e-Id)The Integrations to do with other e-Gov projects Land/Real Estate Registration System (LRS) e-Customs SystemThe Integration with other Governments Turkiye is open for this idea. This is already applied. And for some more countries it is still been working to do so.
  8. 8. E-Agriculture : Benefits/Opportunities on the SystemThis system provides; Cross verified data entrance (declarations by farmers and records which should be fitted as well, among them) . Scientific R&D Decision Support Systems is used to develop strategies and agricultural politics where supports & subsidies are used as a tool to attaract the farmers into the record system (like cheap fuel, cheap seed or cut in taxes etc.) to manipulate the agricultural market by determining amount of production and so prices. Forecasting Agricultural Products Projections on Agriculture Risk Analyses on Agriculture.
  9. 9. E-Agriculture : Agriculture Info System (AIS)Sustainability If this system is to be constructed into the another country; To use, to develop and administriate the AIS system, there should be aimed that the sufficient human resource sources to be provided in the country where the system to be constructed. It is essential that the country should be self sufficient to use the AIS on the subject of administering and usage. We are not aiming any trade & income but to get friendship and brothershood with the country collaborated. However the other companies and states, promoting their system, could be; Giving no open source codes and giving insufficient training , they are aiming to make the country dependant to them. In this respect there should also be security risks because of binary codes, not being open source codes. Also they may not provide all the system secrets again to make the country dependant to them. If no enough local human resources educated then allways you should call the company. Some time later the company may vanish. In the future time this dependancy not only increases the costs but also risks the sustainability of the project.
  10. 10. E-Agriculture : Agriculture Info System (AIS)How to have an independent, self sufficient and sustainablesystem,By constructing local human sources is very important : It is necessary to determine the qualified personnel of the country from their human resources. Then an education & training should be given to them on e-goverment area by a planned program.By working with e-gov strategists: The system to be constructed, should be determined by e-govstrategists on the respect of the essentials of independancyand self sufficiency. (Such as platform independent, havingopen sourced so secure code, providing some internationaland national standards) .
  11. 11. E-Agriculture : Animal Records System The Components Animal Identification System. Pedigree system Veterinary Info System Feed Info Sytem Herd Info System Pasture & meadows Info SytemThere exist detailed presentation (ppt file) on Animal Records System.
  12. 12. E-Agriculture : e-Aquaculture (1) The ComponentsThe records of Aquaculture Sector, it includes • Fishing/Catching Activities • Transportation of fishes • Selling activitiesThe records of Businesses in Aquaculture; • Companies information • Companies flowchart for processing/producing. • Companies products • The Microeconomics of AquacultureShip Info System
  13. 13. E-Agriculture : e-Aquaculture (2) Ship Info System Ship Records includes • Ships Information • Visas of ships It is also possible to follow the geographical coordinates/locations of the ships from satellites by integrating with another e-gov projects.There exist detailed presentation (ppt file) onAquaculture System.
  14. 14. E-Agriculture : GIS applications in agriculture (1) Agricultural Regions Info System : Regions are defined by its soil, climate, geographical structures, 1 Agricultural Land Registration System : The info about the Lands recorded such as ownership, product, geographic coordinates etc.There exist more presentations (ppt files) on1.Agricultural Regions Info System,2.Land Registration System
  15. 15. E-Agriculture : GIS applications in agriculture (2) SatelliteWhat is on the data island: The availableplants;crops,tree .s, recorded. Oranimals, milkprocessingfacilities etc.Topography, soilanalyses areholded in dB. These recorded data provide us opportunities and applications to produce necessary strategic plans and politics in agriculture
  16. 16. E-Agriculture : Supports and subsidies are the tools to Farmer Registration System (FRS) farmers what to produce, by which to manipuate agriculture , to direct how much produce, how to produce type of production method etc..Query is poosible on e-agriculture FRSsystem by farmers, villages,cadastres,productions, agricultural lands, owners,rentals, water sources etc. Unique codeswith EU standars are used for the FRSproduction items of 204 types.Some analyses and reports are alsoavailable for the public citizens to IS A SUPPORTS SYSTEMprovide the investors to compete in theword. Indirect Supports (carried out Direct Supports by other Agricultural Organizations) The buying crops by Supports for organic agriculture National Crops Buying Office Supports for Feed Plants Supports for Crops by institute TKK Supports for Financing Investments Supports for Certified Seeds by the intitution KK Supports for Vehicle Oil and for Fertilizers Supports for Production Assurance Supports by production (milk, meat,) Supports by the Agriculture project ÇATAKThere exist another presentation (ppt file) on FRS.
  17. 17. E-Agriculture : Food Security Info System (1)System ProvidesThis system enforce the food/feed producers toapply Turkish and International standards.Using this system it is possible that to determinethe food risks by analyses on the system.It is possible to find out the harmful remains,pollutions on the food/feed and to takepreventive decisions. 17
  18. 18. E-Agriculture : Food Security Info System (2)The componentsProduction index component,Companies, businesses, and their productionscomponentBasic Information (Institution, Organization, owners,responsible people, personnel staff, adress of them,location of them-including foreign countries) componentProduction coding componentControl Planning componentControls and control results records componentLaboratuary analysis info componentEarly warning and Alarm component 18
  19. 19. E-Agriculture : Economics A good implemented e-gov project returns its investment in a year. Good implementation is possible by e-Gov strategists. After the first year the project returns high profits so does effects GDPI to incease even multiplier effect is not taken into account. The biggest income is citizens happiness provided by electronic services. This income is the most important and not measurable by money.
  20. 20. E-Agriculture : Secure and Reliable System In the e-Agriculture systems, security is provided By servers By users By telecommunications infrustructure By programming language codes By data entered : Verification & cross checks
  21. 21. Thank you...Please do not hesitateFor any information;