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Transparency is the New Black


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Social Media presentation for Data Imaging in NC. Helping the sales force understand the positive effect that transparency can have on a company.

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Transparency is the New Black

  1. 1. Transparency Is The New Black Presenter:  Dana  R  Zezzo  CAS   Jetline   Cell 440-344-5933
  2. 2. My 5 Key Discussion points of Social Media•  Accessibility•  Brand – Business vs Individual•  Content•  Time•  Tracking ROI
  3. 3. Benefit From Social Networking•  Stay in front of customers & prospects•  Know your customers better –  Identify unknown connections•  Find new customers!•  Create Community•  Branding•  Educate•  Fun
  4. 4. Physical Socializing can not be replaced! Social Media only brings the relationship to a DEEPER level. TIP – TAG!
  5. 5. Accessibility!Be where your customers are! Remember the Cliché: Success comes from being in the right place at the right time.
  6. 6. Do you know where your customers are today?The Ultimate Rolodex?
  9. 9. Brand Business VS Individual Remember:Your Social Media “attitude” and “content” will change when you choose to embrace Social Media to GROW YOUR BRAND!
  10. 10. Add Personality and Humanness your BrandTransparency Is The New Black
  11. 11. There’s a Fine Line New Economy = Transparency
  12. 12. Content POST• Events• Videos• Discussions• Photos• Blog Articles• Press Releases
  13. 13.
  14. 14. ContentTip: Balance
  15. 15. BALANCE  POSTS  &  CONTENT  
  16. 16. Smiles = Trust
  17. 17. Time? Keep in PerspectiveHow much time do you currently allocate to: Emails? Cold Calling? Prospecting? Field Sales? Social Networking?
  18. 18. Daily Touches The BIG Question Time?Social Media 30 – 60 minutes a day!
  19. 19. 85% of all business is doneafter the 9th touchSocial Media to a salesperson is all about: TOUCHES
  20. 20. TRACKING ROI ROI or ROR?
  21. 21. If Nothing Else …This will improve your Google ranking
  22. 22. What is your Social Media Strategy?•  Brand? (Consistent)•  Posts? (Message)•  Connections•  Network•  Google analytics•  Goal? –  # of fans, followers or friends… –  Comment streams…. –  Traffic or indirect sales…
  23. 23. Rules To Follow On All Sites•  Do not over sell•  Understand Post Volume•  Be relevant & transparent•  Live as if your mom is watching•  Remember if you are mixing –  Don’t play games –  Don’t drink and post•  Have fun!
  24. 24. Recap  –  what  should  I  be  doing   a5er  I  leave  this  workshop?  •  Profiles   •  ConnecJng  w/  •  Rolodex   Customers  •  Touches   •  PracJcing  Accessibility!  •  Building  Network  •  Post  (Balance)  •  Watch  /  Listen  •  Join  or  Create  Groups   or  Events  •  ConversaJons  
  25. 25. THANK YOU! Presenter: Dana R. ZezzoChief Marketing Officer