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Dynemech shock isolators
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Dynemech shock isolators


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High Vibration Control-upto80%
High life of Dynemech Mounts
High eficiency spring with viscous damping

High vibration control up-to 80%.
High life of Dynemech Mounts.
High efficiency springs with Viscous Damping.
Extended Tool & Machinery life.
No compromise on Force.
No Foundation Bolt and Self Leveling + 2mm.
Simple to install and reliable.
Reduce Foundation size- initial cost cutting & easy to relocate the machine.
Protection from pollution norms.
Reduce Machine Maintenance & High Die life.

• Savings on machine maintenance as it works in stress free condition
• Better human feeling and low machine breakdown increases production
• Foundation bolting/grouting – not a necessity
• No chance of foundation settlement or floor cracking
• Free to install sensitive machines in the vicinity
• Protection from pollution norms
• Professional service support by team of qualified and trained engineers
Dynemech produces vibration isolation systems consisting of spring units to isolate noise and vibration in rotating machines. Active isolation is used for forging hammer, presses, turbines and heavy equipment in power plants, thereby reducing conventional foundation costs. Passive isolation is used to protect precision machinery and buildings against vibration from outside source and oter neaby machinery. spring mounts, visco dampers

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