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How Deloitte Activated Thousands of Employees As Ambassadors

Deloitte provides industry-leading audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services to many of the world’s most admired brands, including 80 percent of the Fortune 500. Their employees work across more than 20 industry sectors with one purpose: to deliver measurable, lasting results. As a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a network of member firms, Deloitte serves its clients in the markets that are most important to them (to learn more about Deloitte, visit

With a history that dates back over 150 years it comes as no surprise that the company has a rich culture built on the passion of its employees for the work they do. To harness the passion of their employees, they formalized an ambassador program in 2013 and have since grown it to over 6,000 US-based employees, driving awareness, reach, and engagement for the brand.

Turner Roach, Social Media Marketing Manager at Deloitte discusses:

- How Deloitte took their employee advocacy program from a grassroots initiative to a formalized ambassador program.
- How Deloitte has engaged their workforce to increase brand awareness, drive web traffic, and strengthen their relationships with their employees.
- How Deloitte has expanded their employee advocacy program across the organization, doubling in size every 12 months.

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How Deloitte Activated Thousands of Employees As Ambassadors

  1. 1. #DySiWebinar 2@DaveHawley33@turnroach Have A Question For Us? Use GoToWebinar Ask On Twitter Use #DySiWebinar
  2. 2. #DySiWebinar 3@DaveHawley33@turnroach But First, A Quick Question For You: Do you have a formalized employee ambassador program at your company?
  3. 3. #DySiWebinar 4@DaveHawley33@turnroach Why Employee Communications And Advocacy Matter Now More Than Ever
  4. 4. #DySiWebinar 5@DaveHawley33@turnroach Why Employee Communications And Advocacy Matter Reaching a New Audience Is Harder Than Ever o  Organic social media is dying o  Content creation is costly & time consuming o  Consumers are overwhelmed with content
  5. 5. #DySiWebinar 6@DaveHawley33@turnroach What Employees Really Want Employees want to be more informed and engaged, and have the ability to share their work experiences with family and friends. o  They want approved content that can easily be shared on social media. o  They want a way to talk about the their company & its brands and products.
  6. 6. #DySiWebinar 7@DaveHawley33@turnroach What challenges were Deloitte facing with their company communications?
  7. 7. #DySiWebinar 8@DaveHawley33@turnroach Challenges Deloitte Needed To Overcome Previous home grown program was difficult to manage and lacked continuity and consistency for employees
  8. 8. #DySiWebinar 9@DaveHawley33@turnroach Challenges Deloitte Needed To Overcome Lacked an ability to properly measure and track content that was distributed by their employees
  9. 9. #DySiWebinar 10@DaveHawley33@turnroach Challenges Deloitte Needed To Overcome It was difficult for Deloitte employees to: o  Receive relevant company content o  Easily share it with their networks
  10. 10. #DySiWebinar 11@DaveHawley33@turnroach What Were The Goals For The Program?
  11. 11. #DySiWebinar 12@DaveHawley33@turnroach Goals Of The Deloitte Employee Advocacy Program o  Develop more direct and personal relationships with Deloitte employees o  Deepen the integration with existing communications and marketing campaigns o  Drive traffic to Deloitte web sites and content o  Improve capabilities to properly manage and measure the Ambassador Program
  12. 12. #DySiWebinar 13@DaveHawley33@turnroach How Did You Solve These Problems In Order To Accomplish Your Goals?
  13. 13. #DySiWebinar 14@DaveHawley33@turnroach Delivering The Right Content At The Right Time o  Consistent mix of branded and third party articles and stories o  Curated approach which ensure the content is targeted and relevant o  Integrated with Marketing and PR to promote content effectively o  Emphasis on broadcasting content to drive engagement and activity 61%14% 25% Marketing Thought Leadership News Content Mix
  14. 14. #DySiWebinar 15@DaveHawley33@turnroach Making It Easy For Deloitte Ambassadors To Share o  Launched easy to use desktop hub and mobile app o  Simple interface for discovering content o  Leveraging broadcast emails to drive engagement o  One click to share to social media o  Trusted Deloitte employees to act responsibly and not spam their audiences
  15. 15. #DySiWebinar 16@DaveHawley33@turnroach Content Employees Loved Sharing Marketing Thought Leadership News Shared 868 times generating 3K clicks and 1,500 reactions Over 1K shares resulting in 3K clicks, 3K reactions, and 753K impressions Deloitte named to Fortune's 'Best Companies to Work For' list for the 17th year Deloitte announces 16 weeks of fully paid family leave time for caregiving Generated 1,500 clicks and 604K impressions Tech Trends 2016 Innovating in the digital era
  16. 16. #DySiWebinar 17@DaveHawley33@turnroach On Average A Deloitte Ambassador Reaches 595 Connections 690 732 363 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 Average Reach Per Deloitte Ambassador
  17. 17. #DySiWebinar 18@DaveHawley33@turnroach How Have You Defined Success For The Program?
  18. 18. #DySiWebinar 19@DaveHawley33@turnroach Success For The Deloitte Ambassador Program Program Growth = 6K+ Employees Active Participation = 60% of members have shared content Increased web traffic = 507K+ Clicks to Deloitte content
  19. 19. #DySiWebinar 20@DaveHawley33@turnroach Benefits Of The Deloitte Ambassador Program o  Gives employees ability to choose the news they want care about most o  Makes it easier for all employees to engage with social media, even beginners who may be intimidated o  Content is prewritten and preapproved, reducing the barriers to sharing.
  20. 20. #DySiWebinar 21@DaveHawley33@turnroach Benefits Of The Deloitte Ambassador Program o  Our Ambassadors are “in the know,” staying up-to-date with the latest happenings across the company o  Ability to spread Deloitte news to a much larger audience o  Gives our content a chance to go viral along with PR, email marketing, and intranet
  21. 21. #DySiWebinar 22@DaveHawley33@turnroach Results Of The Deloitte Ambassador Program To Date 6,300+ employees 328K Shares 178K Reactions 262M Impressions 507K Clicks Results Since Launch in June 2014
  22. 22. #DySiWebinar 23@DaveHawley33@turnroach THANKS!