Employee Advocacy Guide


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This guide will give you a great introduction to employee advocacy. Learn more about what employee advocacy is, its value, its use cases and benefits, how it works, and how you can get your own employee advocacy program started.

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Employee Advocacy Guide

  1. 1. People Powered Marketing™ Employee Advocacy Guide
  2. 2. Company Overview We help organizations harness the power of influencers, ambassadors, employees, and customers by empowering them to be advocates All Content Company Confidential ©2013 Dynamic Signal
  3. 3. Featured Clients Sports & Lifestyle Entertainment & Media CPG & Consumer Agencies & Non-Profit All Content Company Confidential ©2013 Dynamic Signal Financial & Tech
  4. 4. What is Employee Advocacy Employee Advocacy channels the passion and knowledge of employees, giving them an easy way to reach out to their social networks and amplify your brand’s message. Employee advocacy is…  Low risk  Cost effective  Great for driving leads, revenue, and profitability All Content Company Confidential ©2013 Dynamic Signal
  5. 5. Why Employee Advocacy Works All Content Company Confidential ©2013 Dynamic Signal
  6. 6. The Value of Employee Advocacy Employee Advocacy is a Win-Win All Content Company Confidential ©2013 Dynamic Signal
  7. 7. Employee Advocacy Use Cases & Benefits Sales Marketing • • • Special offers Coupons and deals Customer wins and stories • Product/service news • Press releases • Event marketing • Campaigns and Promotions • Speed lead gen and customer acquisition • Reduce list purchase costs • Drive sales • Cultivate new prospects / leads • Increase awareness, reach, and engagement • Reduce costs for content generation and distribution • Drive real time response All Content Company Confidential ©2013 Dynamic Signal
  8. 8. Employee Advocacy Use Cases & Benefits HR Corp. Comm. • • • • Job opportunities Consulting opportunities Employee recognition/rewards • • General company news Crisis management responses Investment updates • • • Increase employee productivity via engaged workforce Reduce employee turnover and time to hire Improve overall company morale and pride • Manage brand perception • Keep distributed & mobile workforce informed • Align management and employees with shared goals All Content Company Confidential ©2013 Dynamic Signal
  9. 9. How to Get Employee Advocacy Started Keep These 3 Factors In Mind:  Convenience Make it easy for administrators to set up and manage and for employees to use with an Employee Advocacy Platform.  Compliance Ensure shared content is brand-safe, on message, and legal with a social media policy and someone to manage content curation.  Credit Recognize and reward employees and track positive outcomes on your platform. Use leaderboards and contests for recognition and rewards and a built-in metrics dashboard to track results. All Content Company Confidential ©2013 Dynamic Signal
  10. 10. How Employee Advocacy Works Your Company Posts Approved Shareable Content Easily curate all of your shareable content in one place so employees have timely, relevant and brand safe content at their fingertips. Employees Share Your Company’s Content Employees post the new shareable content to their own social channels, earning rewards and recognition, while amplifying your brand. People See Your Content and Take Action Having received your company’s content through your employees’ trusted social channels, people take action like downloading coupons or filling out a lead gen form. Measure the Results Dynamic Signal’s Employee Advocacy Platform tracks key social performance metrics like impressions, shares, conversions, earned media value and more. All Content Company Confidential ©2013 Dynamic Signal
  11. 11. How to Measure Employee Advocacy • Sales Leads generated via social Referral rates Coupon redemption Content shares Length of sales cycle • • • • • • Marketing • • • Improved brand reputation Increased awareness Social impressions measured as an equivalent in paid media Social reach Unique web visits • • Corp. Comm. • • • HR All Content Company Confidential ©2013 Dynamic Signal • Online brand sentiment News announcement shares Improved employee communication Time to fill new hire requisitions Number of qualified candidates Employee engagement and productivity
  12. 12. Ready to learn more about employee advocacy? Contact us today! dynamicsignal.com facebook.com/dynamicsignal twitter.com/dynamicsignal info@dynamicsignal.com