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Capstone Presentation

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Capstone Presentation

  1. 1. Cross Collegiate Connections CeeAsia Walker Dyllan Brown-Bramble Andrew Lee Sabrina Lombardi Mariana Ottero
  2. 2. Mission Statement To connect, empower, and incentivize college students as they develop the greater economic community. “Connections that count”
  3. 3. Users ● Students ○ High School Seniors/Pre-College Adult Students ○ Current College students ○ Postgraduates ● Colleges/ Universities ● Employers ● Financial Institutions
  4. 4. Who are we? What do we do? Collegiate Cross Connections is a non-profit organization that educates and prepares students for their college and professional career through college readiness workshops and our online success tracker.
  5. 5. What do they need? Students starting in high school and college need financial planning skills and education because the resources are there, they just don’ t know about them Our users need access to a resourceful platform that both educates and provides opportunities to decrease student debt.
  6. 6. Services and Programs ● High School Financial Readiness Program ● Collegiate Intern Initiative ● Alumni Connection Program ● Personal Finance Expo ● Community Employer Talent Network
  7. 7. High School/Pre College Students: High School Financial Readiness Program ● Feature ○ Online-based course in financial education with web portal ○ Representative/Motivational Speaker to speak to students ○ After school programs ● Benefits ○ Connection to interested universities ○ Scholarships ○ Make more informed financial decisions ○ More College opportunities
  8. 8. Current College Students: The Collegiate Intern Initiative ● Features ○ Online portal to keep track of progress in internship program ○ Annual networking events ● Benefit ○ Earn money towards tuition ○ Relationships with future employers ○ Credits for class ○ Job experience
  9. 9. Postgraduates Alumni Connection Program ● Features ○ Post-grad tailored online resource service ○ Vast alumni network ○ Opportunity to meet other users ● Benefits ○ Learning about refinancing and repaying debt ○ Building connections with organizations with jobs out of graduate school ○ Creating an alumni network
  10. 10. Colleges/ Universities ● Features ○ Internship program ○ High school financial literacy program ● Benefits ● More applicants ● Higher graduation rates ● Students are more likely to pay the costs ● Networking with businesses and other educational institutions
  11. 11. Financial Institutions Information Sessions ● The opportunity to educate students ● The opportunity to sell their products ● Banks can also market themselves to possible clients ● Sponsorship opportunities
  12. 12. Community Employers Features ○ Internship program matches employers with students ○ Networking fair that gives them networking opportunities with College students. Benefits ○ Get competent employees ○ Build relationships with Universities and other organizations ○ Steady stream of employees
  13. 13. Competitive Advantages ● Creates a community, online and in person, for the users involved in student debt ● Creates a network across potential, current and former students and businesses ● Partnerships with institutions and sponsors ● Exclusive events and opportunities ● Personalization through the online portal