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2013 flex billing pt1- final version


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2013 flex billing pt1- final version

  1. 1. FLEX BILLING & Dealer Statement
  2. 2. Contents of weekly reports packageFLEX Billing reportDealer StatementAdjusta Card reportMerchandise Control reportDepot Freight Reconciliation reportPartSource Invoice reportsSource Documents bundle
  3. 3. FLEX Billing
  4. 4. Billing Category 01Merchandise
  5. 5. FMA InvoicesStandardStandard plus shippingLive Goods
  6. 6. Standard FMA invoiceFMA (Foreign Merchandise Authorized) vendor invoices aretypically for merchandise that does not have a CTC SKU, and cannot be ordered through Equity.Charged on the FLEX with a 16% mark-up on vendor invoicesubtotalConfirm the invoice is yours – check store address & number.Confirm that what you’ve been billed for, is what you’ve received– check your copy of the packing slip.For proof of delivery, or to report any invoicing discrepancies,contact the vendor directlyFor incorrect store billing, contact
  7. 7. FLEX Calculation$344.95 Invoice subtotalX 0.16 16% mark-up= $55.19 Total mark-up applied$344.95 Invoice subtotal+ $55.19 mark-up total= $400.14 FLEX total
  8. 8. Standard plus shippingSome vendors include a separate shipping charge on theirinvoicesShipping only has the 5.3% mark-up appliedShipping field is sometimes used if the vendor applies a palletdeposit, or casting charge to their invoices (we can notchange the text on the FLEX). Refer to the invoice copy toconfirm what the charge is for.
  9. 9. $11.00 Shipping totalX 5.3% 5.3 % mark-up= $0.58Total mark-upapplied$11.00 Shipping total+ $0.58 mark-up total= $11.58 FLEX total
  10. 10. Live Goods• Similar to the standard FMA invoice, but the mark-upapplied is 5.3%
  11. 11. $291.90 Invoice subtotalX 5.3% 5.3 % mark-up= $15.47 Total mark-up applied$291.90 Invoice subtotal+ $15.47 mark-up total= $307.37 FLEX total
  12. 12. Other Vendor InvoicesTiresPetroleumKeystoneCoca-Cola
  13. 13. Tire VendorsFLEX charge is based on the “A” Dealer value of thetires, not a 16% mark-up.Check the vendor invoice for the SKU, check yoursystem to confirm “A” Dealer price.Follow the same process as FMA vendors fordiscrepancies, except with regards to pricing – contactFLEX Inquiries with that issue.NOTE – if tires were special ordered for a Deal, thencredit for the difference will be adjusted separately – seeDeal & Special Order Tire Rebate
  14. 14. PetroleumAt time of delivery of Bulk Oil, or Propane, a packing slip isleft with the store.Match the packing slip # to the # listed on the FLEX entry.Copies are available upon request.Bulk Oil costs are available upon request from PetroleumDept, updated quarterly.Propane costs are sent to stores weekly – see attachedexample.
  15. 15. KeystoneDepotLink & Special OrdersSimilar to the Standard FMA invoices, with thefollowing exceptionsInvoice copies are not sent to Home Office, so they arenot included in the FLEX package.Instead, a summary report, listing the invoice numberand the product/part number is provided. Copies of thepacking slip/invoice are included with the delivery, andare available from Keystone.Match the invoice copy to the report. Contact Keystonefor reprints of the invoices. with any concerns.
  16. 16. Coca-ColaSimilar to the Standard FMA invoices, with thefollowing exceptionsInvoice copies are not sent to Home Office, so they arenot included in the FLEX package. Invoices are left atstore with delivery of product, and are available uponrequest from your local distributor.Invoice total is split, charging the taxable and non-taxable amounts separately.5.3% mark-up is applied instead of 16%.
  17. 17. Interface TransactionsTotals from other systems, that are reflected on the FLEX. Each havea detailed reconciliation report, included with the FLEX package•Adjusta-CardWeekly Summary•Merchandise Control – Dealer ClaimsWeekly Summary•PriceAdjustments•Environmental Fees•TransactionsWith PartSource•Depot Invoices (Special Orders)
  18. 18. Adjusta-card Weekly SummaryLists the Adjusting and Equity claims that have been processed foryour store.Compare the Grand Total of the A/C report to the Grand Totalof FLEX Billing Category 01 & 02 Adjusta-Card Weekly Summaryentries. They should matchOccasionally, a credit is approved on the Adjusta-Card report, butdoesn’t make it to the FLEX. In cases like this, the missingamount is added to the following week’s FLEX entry.NOTE – Type 51 Adjusta-Cards are listed as part of BillingCategory 01 on the A/C report, but they are processed in BillingCategory 02 on the FLEX. This is why you compare the Grandtotals of the two reports.
  19. 19. Merchandise Control –Dealer Claims Weekly SummaryLists the Overage and Shortage/Damage claims thathave been processed for your store.Match the report total to the FLEX Billing total.NOTE – the Merchandise Control report is a creditbased report, meaning the amounts listed with a negativesign should be taken as a charge. The amounts without,are credits.NOTE – most of the time, the grand total of theMerchandise Control report is a credit, but it can be acharge, if the overages outnumber the credits.
  20. 20. Price AdjustmentsProcess used to change the “A” Dealer price invoiced,for a variety of reasons.Audit Listing of Price Adjustment reports are mailed toDealer’s attention throughout the week.Match FLEX total to the grand total of all Audit Listingof Price Adjustment reports issued during the week.Reasons for Price Adjustments include: Incorrectlyloaded “A” Dealer price, support for changed “A” Dealerprice, individual (SPP) pricing errors, Deal Reorderadjustments.
  21. 21. Environmental FeesStores are charged weekly, based on Point Of Sale recordsThe FLEX Billing report will have an individual entry foreach Environmental Fee programThe Detailed audit listing is not included with the FLEXpaperwork – it is an online report accessible through the MyCT Portal
  22. 22. Accessing the report on the My CT Portal Dealer logs in Go to “All Content Areas” Scroll down to the “Reports” section, under the “Financial” section Click on “Environment Fees – Flex Billing A prompt will appear asking whether user wants to saveor open the file. The Dealer should select the ‘Save’ option When saving, Dealers should save it in a location where they can keep the file for audit purposes. (This is optional, they may save it in one location from where they will view the file and then moveit at their convenience to wherever they want to keep the copy for audit trail.) Open Excel program Open the report .txt file in Excel.  Result: The report will have properly formatted data appearing under the right headings. Please note: Opening the report in Excel preserves formatting and will allow to filter and sort data. Opening the report in Wordpad just ensures the formatting is correct
  23. 23. Transactions with PartSourceAll orders placed through the PartsWatch system will generate acharge to your store through FLEX.There will be a one line entry in FLEX Billing Category 01 for themerchandise purchasedThere may also be charges in Category 02 for ECO fees, andCategory 04 for delivery surchargesYou will receive two reconciliation reports – an invoice summaryreport to match to your FLEX, and an invoice detail report tomatch to your PartsWatch invoiceThe PartSource Financial Settlement Guide is available onthe My CT Portal – this includes a detailed description of theprogram and instructions on reconciliation.
  24. 24. Depot Invoices (Special Orders)These are charges for SORD (Special Order Receive &Discrepancy) orders.Special Order of Product Classes 09 through 41, and 47product that is out of stock or non stock at Canadian TireSupply Chain, to satisfy the need of an individual consumer.The store is billed when the SORD PO is received. An EAPPackslip is generated and faxed to the store overnight. TheEAP Packslip number is referenced on the weekly FlexBilling statement.
  25. 25. RebatesA variety of rebates from various programs are issued through theFLEX Billing. The RebatesTeam either calculates the rebates, or willreview all submissions to confirm accuracy, and to ensure thatadequate back-up is available•Deal & Special OrderTire rebate•Price Matching (sharing) Claims•Supported Markdown•BikeAssembly•Customer Relations
  26. 26. Deal & Special Order Tire RebatesCredit is for the difference between REG and Promo price on alltires sold during a Deal.Rebate range covers tires sold from two weeks before the sale, upto three weeks after the sale.Special Ordered tires (Michelin & Goodyear invoices) billed atREGULAR “A” Dealer price are covered under this rebate.Reconciliation report lists the tires sold during the rebate rangefor the Deal numbers listed in the FLEX description.
  27. 27. Price Matching (Sharing) ClaimsCredit for 50% of the difference applied to sales whenmatching competitor pricesCredit for 50% of Redress rebate (if offered/claimed).A reconciliation report is included in the FLEX package,listing the claim #’s and individual amounts that make up theFLEX total.Match your copies of the claim forms to the reconciliationreport.Claim forms should be submitted weekly
  28. 28. Price Match Claims Batch #89104850Store Control # Product # Total Credit999 415120 68-0283 $ 9.60999 415121 21-1443 $ 4.02999 415121 35-2677 $ 75.00Total $ 88.62
  29. 29. Supported MarkdownCredit is based on Point of Sale records for the products onSupported Markdown (600 series) deals.Detailed report is included in the FLEX package. Reporttotal is marked-up by 5.3% will match the FLEX entry
  30. 30. Quarterly Bike Assembly RebateCredit to reimburse stores for the service of assembling bikesCredit is based on the following:$8.11 x units shipped x 39% for adult bikes$5.79 x units shipped x 39% for kids bikes
  31. 31. Customer Relations CreditsWhen stores call the Customer Relations departmentwith an issue, a reference number is assigned to it, andprovided to the store.A file should be created by the store, keeping copies ofall relevant data to support the Customer Relation claim.If a credit is offered to the store, it will appear on FLEX,listing the reference number and customer name. Matchto your files, and confirm the amount issued is what youwere expecting.
  32. 32. Miscellaneous Rebates & ChargesBilling Category 01 is where any non-standard type ofMerchandise related transaction can be processed.Submissions must be authorized by senior managementSubmission must include a description for the FLEX entry, plussome form of back-up documentation. This can be a detailed file,or a simple spreadsheetShould be accompanied by, or prefaced with a storecommunication (which could be hard copy, My CT portal, etc)Any documents received by the store, that refer to an upcomingFLEX transaction should be kept in a Misc. folder in the FLEXFiling cabinet. Refer to these documents first, if there is a misc.entry on the FLEX.If the FLEX entry contains someone’s E-mail address, they shouldbe your first point of contact
  33. 33. Billing Category 02Store Expenses & Supplies
  34. 34. Interface TransactionsAdjusta-CardWeekly SummaryMerchandise Control – Dealer ClaimsWeekly SummaryFLEX OnlineWork Orders
  35. 35. Adjusta-Card Weekly SummaryNo different from the reconciliation process in BillingCategory 01Entries will be for 96 or 98 product class or for Type 51(Repair) Adjusta-cards
  36. 36. Merchandise Control –Dealer Claims Weekly SummaryNo different from the reconciliation process in BillingCategory 01Not a lot of activity in Billing Category 02 for MerchandiseControlAll transactions would be for 96 or 98 product class.
  37. 37. FLEX Online Work OrdersInternal billing process for orders of 96 & 98 product class items.Each work order document has a unique reference number. Copyof the back-up document arrives with the load.Make note of any shipping discrepancies on this copy, and add tofile in the FLEX Billing cabinet (by reference number).Match the FLEX entry to the document with the same referencenumber. Report any discrepancies toSome items billed on work orders should be added to the asset list– refer to your asset list instructions for more info
  38. 38. CTDA TransactionsCTDA Education AssessmentGeneral ProgrammeAssessmentMiscellaneousTransactions
  39. 39. CTDA Education AssessmentDealer membership dues used to develop training programsand manuals.Fee Structure: $25.00 per million of total sales (retail andservice centres)Quarterly charge
  40. 40. General Programme AssessmentDealer membership dues for the Canadian Tire DealersAssociationFee Structure: $200 per store + $50 for each additional$500,000 of total retail and service sales over $1.5 Million,less 20%
  41. 41. CTDA Miscellaneous TransactionsIdentified by the invoice number format: CTDA-XXXCharges & Credits for the various programs and contracts theCTDA managesBack-up documents/information is provided to the storesdirectly from the CTDA offices, possibly in advance of thebilling
  42. 42. Other TransactionsImportedVehicle InspectionsIBM invoicesIP Circuit ChargesCommonArea MaintenanceCars On Demand
  43. 43. Imported Vehicle Inspections Inspections performed on customer vehicles, to allow them to import thevehicle into Canada. Each inspection performed is recorded on an Inspection Form (sometimescalled a work order). Each form has a unique reference number A reconciliation report, listing the reference numbers is included in the FLEXpackage. Match paid inspections to the forms in your pending file in the FLEX filingcabinet Report any unpaid inspections that go beyond 3 months. Record any inspections you are paid for, which do not belong to you (list theinspection number, and the FLEX week you were paid for it) – when thecorrect store is determined, you will be charged on the FLEX, referencing theclaim number.
  44. 44. IBM InvoicesMonthly lease charges for the IBM equipment in the storeIBM invoices are not provided to FLEX – just a data entryspreadsheet.You will need to set up an online account with IBM to allow youto view your invoicesCreate and maintain a list of all IBM equipment in the store.Identify the type (printer, router, etc), the model name &number, the serial number, and the location in the store.Refer to this list to ensure you are billed correctly from IBM foronly the equipment you have in the store.Some of the reference info on the invoice may not be clear, ormatch to your list of serial numbers – contact IBM to ensure youfully understand what they are billing you for.
  45. 45. IP Circuit ChargesCharge for the store communications networkIt is used to communicate between most of the Applications thatrun in the store and the Canadian Tire Corporation Data Centre.Examples of systems covered: Equity, Debit and Credit,Mainframe connection, Store to store lookup, My CT PortalThe cost to the store is calculated using a blended formula.    Thetotal cost of all of the stores /  total number of stores / 2.     Halfis charged to the stores, half is paid by Canadian TireCorporation.
  46. 46. Common Area MaintenanceCharge is for the upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance of areasof shared propertyFurther details are available in the Rental Policy BookCharge is $0.20 per functional square foot, per month
  47. 47. Cars On DemandTraining program/resource for auto repairsCharged a fixed rate, as identified in the original letter toDealers at beginning of the programThere is not a monthly document to go along with FLEXcharge
  48. 48. Billing Category 03Advertising
  49. 49. These are the instructions from the My CT Portal:1. Open the linked Dealer Advertising Rebate E-Claims Form.2. Name and Save As the form to your hard drive.3. Complete, Save and close the form.4. Create an email message including your Store number and the name of your filein the subject field, attach the completed form and send it tolocaladvertising@cantire.comFor complete instructions, click on linked Dealer Advertising Rebate E-ClaimsProcess.For questions regarding this process, contact the Dealer Advertising Planner foryour area:Ontario and Atlantic Provinces 416-480-3636Quebec and Western Provinces 416-480-3407Advertising Rebate Claims