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Dylan's powerpoint

  1. 1. Hunting and Fishing By Dylan Hopkins
  2. 2. What Do You Know About Hunting and Fishing?• It’s done worldwide• It’s been around since the beginning of mankind.
  3. 3. What is it? Hunting Fishing• The killing or trapping of • The catching of fish. wild animals. • Reasons for Fishing:• Some of the reasons for Industry/Job, recreational hunting are food, sport and hobby. recreational sport and tradition.
  4. 4. What is My Opinion?• Thesis: Even though environmentalists have claimed that hunting and fishing hurts the environment in an extreme way these problems can be fixed, if the laws are obeyed, trash is cleaned up and environmentally friendly gear is used.
  5. 5. Laws• The California Department of Fish and Game recently, as of 2013, released a new document with all of the updated hunting and fishing laws.
  6. 6. Laws that help protect the environment• “No person shall pursue a game animal while being driven in a motor-driven land or air vehicle, motorboats, sailboats, or snowmobiles.” (California Department of Fish and Game, 2013)• This law does not allow hunters to hunt animals from a moving vehicle and it makes it more of a challenge.
  7. 7. Laws that help protect the environment (cont.)• “No angler is allowed to take any more fish than the legal bag limit.”(California Department of Fish and Game, 2013)• This law is strongly enforced and any violators will be given a large fine. This law also prevents the over harvesting of fish and other animals.
  8. 8. Does hunting and fishing permanently damage the environment? Answers • As you can see, the Maybe No answers were pretty Yes, definitely I dont know even, but “maybe” had the most. 19% 28% • Most people probably don’t know a lot about this project. 29% 24%
  9. 9. Fishing and Hunting Gear• The biggest problem with fishing and hunting is the use of chemicals such as lead that can pollute the environment.• This problem can be fixed by using alternatives such as tungsten, steel, copper and brass. Lead Sinker
  10. 10. Alternatives Tungsten Steel
  11. 11. Why would something like sinkers affect the environment?• The most common way is when your fishing and your line snaps then the sinker gets left under-water.• By using alternatives the left over gear will not pollute the environment.
  12. 12. GraphHave you ever hunted wild • This chart is showinggame before? that a good percentage Yes60 (54%) of the class have been50 hunting before.40 No (32%)3020 I Dont Know10 (14%) 0
  13. 13. Conclusion• If hunting and fishing laws are obeyed then the environment will not be permanently damaged. Alternatives to the chemical lead can help protect the overall health of the environment. Many of the environmental problems that are being talked about can be fixed with a little bit of work.
  14. 14. What the Heck Was That?
  15. 15. Works Cited• Works Cited• "Does Hunting Help or Hurt the Environment?" Scientific American 10 November 2009.• "Environmental Effects of Lead Used in Hunting and Fishing." Environmental News Network 11 July 2008.• "Hunting and Fishing Laws ." California Department of Fish and Game 1 January 2013.
  16. 16. Brought To You By ME!!