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Integration of with IE9(1)


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Integration of with IE9(1)

  3. 3. WHAT GOAL.COM IS: • Goal is one of the worlds leading soccer news websites, with hundreds of football related articles published daily. • It provides up to the minute transfer and breaking news from football, and covers leagues from across the globe.
  4. 4. THINGS THAT CAN MAKE GOAL.COM BETTER. • Icons • Jumplists • Thumbnail Toolbars • Taskbar Overlays
  5. 5. ICONS • Shortcut to the website from the taskbar. • This is the logo, it would be used as the taskbar icon. • It would lead to the sites home page when clicked, or your favourite team or writer if the jumplist is used.
  6. 6. JUMPLISTS • Jumplists are what appear when you right click on the taskbar icon. A list of recent, suggested and favourite pages appear. • This could be used with as a shortcut to your favourite team, player or writer.
  7. 7. Goal Transfer Zone Breaking News Champions League Manchester United News Lionel Messi Photos RSS Feeds Forums Return to Homepage Possible jumplist
  8. 8. THUMBNAIL TOOLBARS • Thumbnail toolbars are options that appear when you scroll over the icon, they help you to navigate the page. • Several thumbnail toolbars could be used with…
  9. 9. Thumbnail toolbars • Such as a home thumbnail, an editorial thumbnail, live match commentary thumbnail, recent news thumbnail, favourite team thumbnail and internet explorer thumbnail. •
  10. 10. TASKBAR OVERLAY • The taskbar overlay is a real- time notification that appears over the taskbar icon if the information on the page has been updated since the user last viewed that page.
  11. 11. USE WITH GOAL.COM • They could be used to notify the user when a new article is published on a particular topic such as team you have added to your favourites, a popular player, or a new editorial being published.
  12. 12. 4 New Notifications for