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  1. 1. UI & UX in Android Dyan Galih Nugroho Wicaksi Loved IT IT Admin twitter @BelajarAndroid Member Yogyakarta Android Community
  2. 2. "Saha William" "User experience (UX) is the end result of User Interface design (UI)… If that’s what you wanted to hear, there you have it. Take it and leave it!"
  3. 3. What Is UX? What Is UI?
  4. 4. "A UI is not about providing eye- candy to the user" "Saha William" User Interface
  5. 5. "Splash Screens Are Evil, Don't Use Them!" "Cyril Mottier" User Interface
  6. 6. "The role of the User Interface is to provide a system for a user to interact with the product / service" "Saha William" User Interface
  7. 7. "Ideal UI"
  8. 8. "Be consistent throughout the interface" Ideal UI
  9. 9. "Present an obvious / intuative layout" Ideal UI
  10. 10. "Use clear message or labels" Ideal UI
  11. 11. User Experience
  12. 12. "Ideal UX"
  13. 13. "Understand user behavior" Ideal UX
  14. 14. "Identify elements that influence the end-user" Ideal UX
  15. 15. "Research on behavioral trends" Ideal UX
  16. 16. Daftar Pustaka • Saha William - A Beginner’s Guide to UX & UI Design • Cyril Mottier - Splash Screens Are Evil, Don't Use Them! • Taylor Ling - Android User Interface | User Experience
  17. 17. Terima Kasih

Editor's Notes

  • What does my user want?
  • Use consistent fonts, color schemes, buttons and effects throughout the design
  • Don’t leave your user with a “figure-out-yourself” interface
  • Content perlu di ada Check
  • you put emotions, care and sentiment in your brand, you will be able to connect with your user at a psychological level and, thus, influence their heart and mind more efficiently
  • Mengidentifikasi unsur-unsur yang mempengaruhi pengguna akhir
  • Penelitian tentang tren perilaku
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