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5 Games to Play in DyKnow Vision


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5 Fun Games to Play in DyKnow Vision

Published in: Education
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5 Games to Play in DyKnow Vision

  1. 1. First, create 5 categories and 25 correspondingquestions. Then put students into groups. Next, goto anddownload the Jeopardy template notebook bysearching for “Jeopardy” in the search field.
  2. 2. first, Set up the STEP 1: Embed a 8x8 or 7x6 table game with these on a DyKnow Panel three stepsTo Play: STEP 2:Have each student alternate Type 10-20 questions onanswering one of the questions on the a separate panel.second panel with their partner. If thestudent gets an answer correct, he orshe “drops” a token by coloring aspace on the grid. The first person toconnect four spaces wins! STEP 3: Place students in groups of two using the Groupfind a connect four template at Work feature.
  3. 3. STEP 1:Divide a panel into four STEP 2:parts by inserting a 2x2 Place students into table or by simply groups of four using thedrawing it with a pen if Group Work feature. you have a tablet. To Play: Give each person a small list of vocabulary words or other terminology related to class. The group members then alternate drawing each vocabulary word on their list while the other members guess the answer by chatting in their responses. The first person to chat in the right answers goes next.
  4. 4. PREPARE FOR THIS GAME BEFORE CLASS BY:Embedding an 8x8 tableon a DyKnow panel. Putnumbers next to the rowsand letters above eachcolumn.Then type 20-30 questionson a separate panel.
  5. 5. When class begins, have students find a partner!To Play:Each student must place four ships on thegrid that cover 5 spaces, 4 spaces,3 spaces and 2 spaces. Like so…Students then alternateanswering one of the questionsfrom the second panel with theirpartner. If the student gets ananswer correct, he or she canguess where the other personsboats are. Continue the gameuntil one of the players sinks allthe opponents battleships.
  6. 6. Place students in groups of 2or 3 and have them completea Sudoku puzzle together. Itpromotes team work andencourages logical thinkingand analysis (good skills forpeople of all ages to master). We like are free Sudoku puzzlesall over the Internet – just b/c they provide bothGoogle search “Sudoku.” the puzzle and the solution! Just screen grab and play!
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