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Speed Switches


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Speed Switches

  1. 1. Speed Switches The materials included in this compilation are for the use of Dwyer Instruments, Inc. potential customers and current employees as a resource only. They may not be reproduced, published, or transmittedelectronically for commercial purposes. Furthermore, the Company’s name, likeness, product names, andlogos, included within these compilations may not be used without specific, written prior permission from Dwyer Instruments, Inc. ©Copyright 2011 Dwyer Instruments, Inc
  2. 2. NSS How it WorksSensor disc is attached to rotating shaft that is being monitoredSensor disc has magnets in it that creates an alternating magnetic fieldSensor is mounted across from disc and detects magnetic field changes as a frequency
  3. 3. NSS How it WorksThe switch decodes the magnetic frequency signal to calculate a rotation speed in RPMThe switch compares the present speed to that of the set pointSwitch is activated according to set up for under speed, over speed, or no speed
  4. 4. NSSTwo ranges: 10 to 100 RPM and 100 to 5000 RPMSet point can be set anywhere in the rangeSPDT switch rated 5A @ 115 VACTemperature Limits: -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)Comes pre-wired with 12” (30.5 cm) of 18 AWG
  5. 5. NSSPower Requirement: 115 VACGap Distance: 3/8”(9.5 mm) ±1/8” (3.1 mm)Conduit Entrance: 1” female NPT
  6. 6. Non-Contact vs ContactThe sensor is not connected to the rotating shaft No worries about bearings to wear out No mechanical linkages to wear out or break Easier to install then direct couple types as alignment is not as critical
  7. 7. NSSMMetal housingExplosion-proofUL pendingCan come in kit with disc or with disc separate
  8. 8. NSSPPlastic housingNEMA 4XDisc comes separately
  9. 9. Discs and Mounting Brackets
  10. 10. NSS ApplicationsDrive trainsCrushersBelt conveyorsBucket elevatorsExhaust fansScrew conveyorsTail pulleysLooking for belt breaks, slippage, clogs, overloads, failures
  11. 11. Turbine ProtectionApplication: Westinghouse AC Vertical 2900 KW GeneratorProblem: Shaft (300 rpm) for Electric Grid TransferCustomer: Duke Energy – Gaston Shoals, SC
  12. 12. Turbine ProtectionApplication: General Electric 1798 KW AC Vertical GeneratorProblem: Shaft (300 rpm) for Electric Grid TransferCustomer: Duke Energy – Gaston Shoals, SC
  13. 13. Coal Feed – Ratio Metric Conveyor Precise coal feed control to furnace Protect against feeder clogging Protect against machine failure Maintain operational efficiency
  14. 14. Coal & Ash Conveyor Monitoring Belt breakage or slippage detection Conveyor slow-down or stoppage Under/over speed detection
  15. 15. Boiler Feed-Water Pump Protection  Protect high service pump shafts from shaft reversal  Avoid costly equipment damage caused by reverse water flow  Rugged & reliable system  Easy installation & set up  Cost effective pump protection
  16. 16. Screw ConveyorApplication: Screw Conveyor – Harsh environmentProblem: Detect slow-down or zero speed of conveyorCustomer: Industrial Grain Processor
  17. 17. Rotary AirlockApplication: Rotary air lock – Harsh environmentProblem: Detect slow-down or zero speedCustomer: Industrial application
  18. 18. Industrial MixerApplication: Industrial Mixer – Harsh environmentProblem: Detect slow-down or zero speed
  19. 19. Bucket ElevatorApplication: Grain - Bucket ElevatorProblem: Conveyor slow-down. Prevent possible spark/explosion or product wasteCustomer: Grain/Feed/Ethanol facility
  20. 20. Blower MonitoringApplication: Industrial heat treating machinery – Blower monitoringProblem: If belt breaks or motor stops toxic fumes build up – possible fire hazardCustomer: Industrial heat treating oven OEM and/or end user
  21. 21. Oven Fan & ConveyorApplication: Mesh Belt FurnaceProblem: Conveyor & fan speed detectionCustomer: Surface Combustion – Oven OEM
  22. 22. Heat TreatingApplication: Monitor motor shaft speedProblem: Maintain Consistent conveyor speed and air flowCustomer: Thermal systems – Heat treating/drying
  23. 23. Conveyor SpeedApplication: Municipal Treatment Conveyor Speed monitoringProblem: Speed change can cause material backup and systems damageCustomer: City waster water treatment facility
  24. 24. MixerApplication: Material Processing Mixer - Agitator Speed ControlProblem: Varying material volume requires varying agitation speed SensorCustomer: Mixer/centrifuge OEM & user
  25. 25. Conveyor Protection – Slow Down/Zero Speed•Applications: Grain/Feed, Cement/Aggregate, Mining,Packing, Paper, Textile, etc. •Senses belt slippage, slow-down and/or zero speed •Simple, low-cost machine protection •Provides early warning & prediction maintenance •Increased efficiency, increased productivity, reduced down-time, etc.
  26. 26. Automobile ConveyorApplication: Fixtured chain conveyors for controlling linespeed on automotive assembly lines.Problem: Conveyor over speed (a.k.a. runaway orbreak away speed) can cause chassis collision,possibly causing severe damage and/or injury.
  27. 27. Garbage ShredderApplication: Conveyor speed monitor – garbage shredderProblem: conveyor speed fluctuations are critically monitored
  28. 28. Rock QuarryApplication: Rock quarry and/or cement plantProblem: Conveyor slow-down. Possible spark & Explosion, and or loss of production
  29. 29. QuestionsTo order a free catalog or for more information contact; Dwyer Instruments, Inc., P.O. Box 373, Michigan City, IN., 46361 Telephone: (800) 872-9141 or (219) 879-8000 Fax: (219) 872-9057 Internet address: E-mail: