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Ripple10 Profile


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Indonesia Digital Media Monitoring System..

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Ripple10 Profile

  1. 1. Ripple10, a Responsive, Web-Based, Digital Media Monitoring System PT. Infonesia Digital Asia
  2. 2. Ripple10 is a social media monitoring system. Monitor multiple media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, Online News, Videos from Youtube, and pictures / photos from Instagram based on Hashtags. Gather data from channel / users in Indonesia. It's a web-based system, with responsive dashboard to simplify users experience, and a Search feature to make it more effectively to used. It shows Stream of the Mention, Sentiment Analysis, Twitter Summary, Most Active Users / Channel, Top Words & Hashtags, and many more.. About, Ripple10 Info-graphic Twitter Summary Responsive System Easily Access in Mobile Device Search Feature, For Effective Data Searching
  3. 3. Sentiment Analysis shows the positive, negative or neutral mentions/posts. Share of Voice, shows number of the mention compares to its pre-defined competitors. Audience Analysis, shows the ‘who and what’ people says. Include most active & most influence people. Features: Social Mention, shows the quantity of posts that related to the keyword. Ripple10 will crawl all conversation on various digital channels through almost a real-time engine. The crawl process is predefined by keywords. Ripple10 is also has noise elimination procedure and has feature to refine the mention manually before the information can be analyzed. About, Ripple10
  4. 4. Social, Mention Track all of mentions, from all media in a Real Time, and by default Ripple10 Dashboard will shows a week stream of mentions. It can be set in certain period of time Sources Distribution from each media with a percentage and absolute numbers.
  5. 5. Sentiment, Analysis It will automatically detect sentiment, if there a basic word mention Positive, Negative or a Neutral word. It will help, give definitions, feedback about people perception, thoughts in the social media.
  6. 6. Share of, Voice In Competition page, shows the stream of all mentions, Sentiments, and Share of Voice, compare with Competitors.
  7. 7. Audience, Analysis Detect all the people (Source) who mention and interactive with the brand. It shows who are the most active and most influence people (Source) who are talking about the brand or its competitors.
  8. 8. Highlighted, Features Multiple Form, Data Download Twitter Summary Info-Graph Search Feature Cross Devices Access
  9. 9. Contact us at Or Ripple10 PT. Infonesia Digital Asia Jl. Taman Malaka Selatan 1, Blok A4 No.18 Pondok Kelapa, Jakarta Timur