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Senior Thesis presentation


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Senior Thesis presentation

  1. 1. Bi ophysi cal and bi ochem cal adapt at i ons of im t ochondr i a l eads t o enhanced r espi r at or y cont r ol : i Ef f ect s of m at e and i nt ense exer ci se oder Dwaynie Bacon
  2. 2. Albert Von Kolliker 1817-
  3. 3. The Matrix is thecentral cavity of themitochondrion. It isfluid like and houses Inner Thenumerous enzymes andrespiratory complexes. MembraneThe matrix also holds surrounds the matrix and ismtDNA and is the site most important for thefor oxidative electron transport chain.phosphorylation. The inner membrane forms subdivisions called Cristae. Thesethe The Outer Membrane encloses are protein studded organelle. It is smooth and compartments that are contains numerous proteins called porins. This makesfor cellular crucial the mitochondrion permeable to most small molecules. respiration.
  4. 4. OxidativePhosphorylation
  5. 5. Zoll et al. (2003) Goal investigate the correlation between intrinsic mitochondrial properties and exercise restrictionsHypothesis Endurance training improves oxida respiratory control. Mitochondrial functionality is significan by durational exercise.
  6. 6. Zoll et al. (2003) mitochondrial1. 40 % increase in overallenzyme activity2. Efficient mitochondrial CK coupling withoxidative phosphorylation as well ascreatine involved energy transferpathways Mitochondrial function isdramatically improved after short-
  7. 7. Davies et al. (1980)Goal investigate the effects of exercise onoverall endurance, total body O2 consumption and tissue OconsumptionHypothesis Changes in oxidative cap morphological alterations of and or increases in the si of mitochondria
  8. 8. 1. Muscle examinations2. Determination of O2consumption3. Flavoprotein and cytochromecontent
  9. 9. 71% NADH dehydrogenase109% Succinate dehydrogenase168% Choline dehydrogenase112% composition of cytochrome a116 Composition of% cytochrome c
  10. 10. Davies et al. (1980)Metabolic finetuning The major determining factor of respiration is mitochondria. The endurance adaptation thatresult from physical exercise may provide protection against oxidative damage.
  11. 11. strengthen respiration capabilities!Reverse symptoms ofCHF! Aid in the treatment of degenerative
  12. 12. Mitochondrial up-keep Promote health Diminish age-related complications