Looks do matter - Ugly guys don't get laid!


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Ugly guys don't get laid!

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Looks do matter - Ugly guys don't get laid!

  1. 1. LOOKS DO MATTER! UGLY GUYS DON’T GET LAID!You may think that there is not much advantage to being good-looking, that ugly guys can still get laid and be successful withbeautiful women. Most pickup artists and seduction experts claim that“looks don‟t matter”. Even unattractive guys, they say, can attract andseduce even the most beautiful women.I‟m here to tell you that is completely and utterly false. If you‟reugly and okay about it, then you‟re shooting yourself in the foot beforeyou even lay eyes on a woman. There is nothing sexy or appealingabout being unattractive or average looking. You definitely won‟t getlaid if a woman‟s first impression of you makes her whisper “eew”into her friend‟s ear.Think about it: Beautiful women get approached all the time, and byall sorts of men. If a woman is talking with two different guys onenight, one ugly and one handsome, both of whom are equally funnyand engaging, do you think she‟s going to take home the ugly dude?Of course not...SHE’LL CHOOSE THE MORE ATTRACTIVEGUY! Just like you want to only date “perfect 10‟s,” women alsowant to hook up with the most handsome guys.But “Looks aren‟t everything” you say. But like men, women aregenetically programmed to gravitate towards attractive guys (and awayfrom ugly guys). A woman subconsciously associates good looks withhealth and an ability to protect and provide for her. This is ingrainedin her genetics... it has helped humans evolve for thousands of years.She definitely won‟t allow herself date an unattractive guy who‟s notup to the standards of her friends. She doesn‟t want to be embarrassedby the way her „ugly‟ boyfriend looks every time she introduces him tosomeone new because that would reflect poorly on her, making herunattractive.
  2. 2. Thankfully, there‟s some good news. Generally speaking, the mostimportant thing is to not be unattractive. That means that you canusually have decent success with women as long as you‟re “average”looking or better.More good news: 99.9% of all men can improve their looks to beconsidered „decent-looking‟, this is very easily achieved.You don‟t have to lose 50lbs, change your face, and get cosmeticsurgery just to improve the way you look. Simple things – perfectingyour smile, having nice skin, wearing the right clothes, choosing asuitable hairstyle, having impeccable hygiene – make all thedifference.How can you improve in these areas? How can you transform yourselffrom a “pud” into a “stud”? Is it possible to do this without expensivesurgery, diet scams, and dangerous pills?It is completely possible, because thousands of men from around theworld have totally changed the way they look. THE HANDSOMEFACTOR APPEARANCE TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM, is aguaranteed way to enhance your appearance in a matter of days.If you‟re ready to accept responsibility for the way you look andemploy the most effective appearance transformation strategiesavailable anywhere, I encourage you to VISIT THIS WEBSITE.