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Game engine introduction and approach


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Published in: Software
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Game engine introduction and approach

  1. 1. SETA International Asia Game Engine Introduction and Approach LE MINH HOANG Hanoi, Sep 2014
  2. 2. Contents Company Introduction Game engine introduction Components
  3. 3. Company introduction Seta International Asia was established in 2014 Now we have 180 staffs including: BSE: 19 members DEV: 118 members QA: 30 members Comtor: 3 members Vietnam Japan America
  4. 4. Game engine introduction A game engine is a software framework designed for the creation and development of video games Set of tools to assist in making a game. Set of redefine component can be reusing in many game projects. Make development faster. Multi platform.
  5. 5. Game engine introduction Programming language: C/C++/ObjC/Java/JS/LUA/Python/C# IDE Use external IDE (Cocos2d/OpenFL/PowerVR …) Using Xcode, Eclipse, VisualStudio.. Use IDE inside: (Unity3D/Corona ..) Cost Opensource engine: (Cocos2d/OpenFL/…)Free and limited functions engine (Unity3D, Corona) Proprietary Engine (Unity2D, corona, Unreal Engine,Unigine ..) 150$ ->4500$
  6. 6. Game engine introduction Purpose: 2D engine 3D engine Cross platform support (Cocos2d-X, Unity3D, OpenFL)
  7. 7. Components Rendering engine (2D and 3D). Physics engine Animation engine Scripts Sound engine.
  8. 8. Components Render Engine: 2D Sprite, 2D texture, 3D model, 3D texture , Shader code … (Ex: png images, obj model, vsh,fsh …) Sound/Video engine: audio file, video file. (EX: .midi, .wav, .avi ..) Animation engine: predefine animation frame list, MD5 animation file … (EX: .plist, .xml, .md5) Script: Create scenarios for games Physics Engine: Create physical movement & real time collision detection
  9. 9. Thanks you