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Chismes laborales


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Chismes laborales

  1. 1. The gossiper hears a small breeze and converts it into a cycloneIn all human group not us must wonder occur gossip, rumors, anything that makes noise,desarmonizar, often to generate conflict, weather hurt people and groups specificallyaccording to the objective pursued with this.At work are very often and if these are not known handle, more control when yourintention is to harm, the results are negative and significantly affect the organizationalbehavior of the company.Basic annotations, considerationsManagement of a company must be attentive to the way how manifested gossip, itscauses, message contains objective and as it occurs in the company, the reason for itsappearance, what is what is intended, more when gossip seeks to harm, desarmonizar,give rise to problems, creates conflicts.No surprise as indicates it, that is "worth more fall between the claws ofthe vultures that in the hands of the lookers, because those only cause harm to thedeceased, and they devour the living". The gossip has force of its own, is transmittedquickly and causes much interest. Discover the intimacy of another awakens attention. Inaddition, even for a moment, gossip produces alliances because it becomes accompliceswho enjoy sharing it. There are wheels of cracks in neighbourhoods, in offices, infestivals, in business, in schools. He was born in a group and expands. To make mattersworse, suffers deformations while traveling from mouth in mouth, its consequences areunsuspected. Gossip reminds us that the neighbor, the Chief and even famous people havedesires and commit mistakes as well as the common man. Thus there is a relief becausewe feel that we are all equal.With regard to the scope, impact generated products of gossip, it that people sometimes need to qualify the routine task of anOffice with some malicious and ambiguous comment giving the opportunity to become atheme for the controversy.It is that gossip attracts the curiosity of those who are working, and encourages them todeviate from tedious obligations for awhile and have the psychological recreation most ismissing. Many enjoy widely the gossip, what causes, others on the contrary reject you, tryto avoid them.He claims the source of cited information, gossip was born from a novelty, somethingdifferent that stands out from the rest. States of mood, new clothes, loving meetings,sinful relationships, impending announcements of dismissals, promotions, washed ofhead by something wrong, and internal fights that try to keep disguised but fail in theattempt.The gossip has a double function, helps to combat boredom and low while the claims ofthose who for some reason are proud.
  2. 2. It is that the same roles in households and ultimately behave like a family, evil arerecreated in an Office either Avenue depending on the case, although deep down mostmay want to be a little.Because love is always ambivalent, it may be a day flower and end abruptly, as soon asone dares good first showing their teeth.A malicious gossip who discovers the dark side of someone that causes some envy,conforms to all those who can not leave the mediocrity, justifying its failure in something.-Does nothing but it is at least informed of everything,-not be how does to find out,-He was wrong the race because as a journalist would have been successful.Adds us the source of information cited on this subject, that gossip at work generallyaims to discredit, and basically serves to maintain certain social rules that theprotagonists of the gossip dare to ignore.The offender will have to risk suffering criticism and be crushed and scraped by thebeasts of this media circus, which will pursue it until you find in the situation to confirmthe gossip that dispersed. Note, an Office is a microcosm where all human, intimate orpublic events occur, and where unfold all types of leadership, the authoritarian, thecomputer, the peacemaker, the saboteur, the seductive, all creatures that are playing arole and listed as you can, trying to attack and defend themselves as in any other field ofbattle.Faced with this reality that is our interest of analysis in companies, cabe question what todo in this regard.In this regard, believes Leticia neighborhoods, deemed, gossip and the entanglements thatensues cause withdrawal in labor productivity and motivation in a team. Many executiveswith command positions do not know what to do in this regard. a dynamic of reflectionthat can help you to stop gossip in your team if this is causing you problems.1 Gather your team. Tell them openly that youve been observing certain behaviors thatcause distress and discomfort among the members of the team such as gossip, the gossipand the gossip.2 Distributed among all participants a sheet containing the following story and allows herto read individually:"The young disciple of a wise philosopher comes home from this and tells him:"-Hey, master, a friend of yours was talking about you with malevolencia…-Waiting! The philosopher - he interrupts. Already youve taken through three filters thatare going to tell me?
  3. 3. -The three filters?-Yes, the first is the truth. Are you sure that what you say is absolutely true?-No, what I heard comment on a few neighbors.-At least youve done so move on to the second filter that is goodness.What you want to tell me, is good for me or for someone else?-No, actually not, the opposite-Ah! Go!... The last filter is the need. Is it necessary to let me know that that worries youso much?-To tell the truth, not."- So - said the wise smiling, - if it is not true, neither good nor necessary, bury him intooblivion".(Anonymous)3. After that they have read, requests some volunteer to explain that understood thereading. Requests to others to express additional comments.4. Subsequently, make the following reflection with them and allow people who wantanswered out loud:• In what manner affects "the gossip", "gossip" or the "gossip" the effectiveness of a workteam?• What consequences brings this type of conduct for those affected?• Even if a particular situation which discredits the reputation of another person, is truewhat is what should be done? What care should have?• What they could do as a team and individually to eradicate this type of behaviour as awhole?• What should do with the partner or partner to continue practicing this type of conduct?Once the Group has expressed its comments to the above questions, mention them thatfrom this moment will begin a campaign to generate good environment and combat thegrumbling within the team.Ask to do a rain of ideas on what practical activities and rapid implementation should beincluded in the campaign.Suggests us Leticia neighborhoods, that among all distribute the work to furtherstrengthen the message in an intense manner when less 3 weeks to the realization of thisactivity.It must not forget indicates us, that when there are deep-seated habits among staff, reallyeasy this fall into the original behavior almost without realizing it.
  4. 4. To avoid this it is very important that at the slightest indication that this is happening,take cards in the matter. And to observe improvements in your team congratulate themand celebrate it immediately.In this way the outcome you want to achieve with them will continue to strengthen,ancestry will be won and the figure as leader of the group will continue to strengthen. Inaddition, it will be easier to achieve results with a cordial and respectful work climate.