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Building Communities

Communities aren’t new but as the topic gains traction it’s important to know how to apply them to business objectives. Taking a look at connecting with your customers through building an ecommerce community, it’s possible to see the benefits of community through brand advocates, user generated content, market research and social proof.

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Sherrie Rohde - MM14NL

  1. 1. Sherrie Rohde Building Communities in eCommerce • Rebellion Media • Community + UX Lead • @sherrierohde
  2. 2. What is community?
  3. 3. com·mu·ni·ty kəˈmyo͞onitē/ noun a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
  4. 4. Community is a vertical relationship between a brand/organization and its customers/users.
  5. 5. Community is also a horizontal relationship amongst a brand or organization’s customers/users.
  6. 6. What does this look like in eCommerce?
  7. 7. Why does community matter for eCommerce?
  8. 8. User Generated Content (UGC) & Social Proof
  9. 9. 54% of adult internet users post original photos or videos online that they themselves have created. [Source: Pew Research, 2013]
  10. 10. 51% of Americans trust UGC more than other information on a company’s website. [Source: Bazaar Voice, 2012]
  11. 11. Why not leverage this?
  12. 12. Your competitors are.
  13. 13. Let’s throw in some product context.
  14. 14. How can we implement this for more products?
  15. 15. 71% agree that consumer reviews make them more comfortable that they are buying the right product. [Source:]
  16. 16. Let’s take those reviews one step further.
  17. 17. We all love to be experts.
  18. 18. Why not let your customers Q&A?
  19. 19. What if you allow them to show off their style?
  20. 20. Be creative.
  21. 21. Think about your customers.
  22. 22. Are they already talking?
  23. 23. Listen to them.
  24. 24. Community can also provide market research.
  25. 25. Community is not “one size fits all.”
  26. 26. Remember Rent the Runway?
  27. 27. What do other women like me think about this dress? How many others have shared with their networks? What do women like me look like in this dress?
  28. 28. What do women like me look like in this dress? What do women like me think of this dress?
  29. 29. Social Proof and User Generated Content work well for them.
  30. 30. Market Research doesn’t apply in their case.
  31. 31. Look at your business objectives.
  32. 32. Define target behaviors that work towards your business goals.
  33. 33. Is one of your goals to increase referrals?
  34. 34. Ask your community to share your products, but give them a reason to.
  35. 35. If they can upload their own photo of your product, they’ll want to share being “published.”
  36. 36. If they see a question, they’ll be inclined to help crowdsource the answer via their networks.
  37. 37. If they are featured as an expert, they are going to want to share that honor.
  38. 38. Let’s recap.
  39. 39. Community is tying a brand together with its customers and connecting them with each other.
  40. 40. This benefits a brand through user generated content, social proof and market research.
  41. 41. Every community is unique. Listen to your customers to find out what they need from you.
  42. 42. Don’t forget to tie your community’s target behaviors to your business goals.
  43. 43. Have fun. :)
  44. 44. Thank you! Any questions? sherrierohde