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Jo Jansen - MM14NL


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De ontwikkeling van CRM in vogelvlucht

In deze presentatie gaat Jo in vogelvlucht door de ontwikkeling van CRM, vanaf het begin van direct marketing tot de complexe toepassingen van vandaag, en de kansen die CRM biedt voor (online) commerce. Daarnaast geeft hij een aantal tips & tricks voor quick wins die voor veel organisaties snel resultaat kunnen opleveren en het vermijden van de klassieke valkuilen.

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Jo Jansen - MM14NL

  1. 1. CRM • Or CMR? • CRM Supporting systems –$20,4bn market, 14% annual growth –Big five account for 50% • • SAP • Oracle, Microsoft, IBM – Pitney Bowes Portrait
  2. 2. What is it? Customer data management Analytics, Insights Omnichannel Interaction strategy Communications, Relationships Interact with your customerKnow your customer
  3. 3. Big data?
  4. 4. Insight - collective • Or CMR? Retention CustomerValue Acquisition Cross- & up-selling Selection 1 43 2 4 Collective insight in customer base, focused on lifetime value…
  5. 5. Insight - Individual • Or CMR? I am Persuadable I am A Sleeping Dog I am A Lost Cause Spend marketing budget here I am A Sure Thing Save marketing budget here Spend service budget here Save marketing budget and prevent churn here • Customer BCG Portfolio • Continuous LTV scoring • Platinum Record • Segment of 1 • Per-record decisioning engine • Individual development and retention budgets • Best Next Action
  6. 6. Omnichannel Contact Strategy • Event driven • Outbound  Inbound • CRM evolves from managing a few touchpoints to customer experience management (f.e. dynamic content) • E-mail still highest ROI channel • CRM software = business rules and real-time decisioning
  7. 7. Do you believe in Fairytales? • Customers want a relationship with my brand – No. Brands are not family. Customers do not want a relationship, they want discounts. • Interactions build relationships. – No. Shared values build relationships. Harley Davidson values freedom. Disney values tradition and dreams. Eukaneuba values love of animals. • The more interaction, the better. – No. As in real life, don’t keep asking for attention. Treat the attention you get as precious.
  8. 8. CRM: guide decisions • Always on, always relevant, pinpoint delivery, simplicity, on-demand drive 66% • Price drives 34% • Design interactions across the consumer decision journey and keep it simple. Decide which data you need and which are your value drivers. • Telescope (market), Binoculars (segments), Microscope (consumers)
  9. 9. Thank you! Jo Jansen +31 (0)6 5012 8893