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  1. 1. HALLOWEEN By: Dustin Rushing By Dustin Rushing Click to enter
  2. 2. Background - History - Pumpkins A Few - Pop Quiz Traditions - Scarecrows - Bobbing for Click an option to appples begin! - Popular Movies -Pop Quiz Trick- or –Treating - Background -Costumes -Pop Quiz
  3. 3. History Next
  4. 4. Pumpkins Pumpkins are a type of squash and considered a fruit. In 1584, a Frenchman exploring America came across what he called “gros melons”. The English translation of this term was “pompions”, which has now been evolved into the current “pumpkin”. During Halloween, pumpkins are used for carving and also to make pies and other foods. The largest pumpkin pie ever baked was in 2005 and weighed 2020 pounds! Next
  5. 5. POP QUIZ! • Which is a Halloween Tradition? A. Trick or treating B. Bonfires C. Visiting “haunted houses” D. All of the above The answer is D, all of the above! Click For Answer! Home
  6. 6. Scarecrows There are literally hundreds of scarecrow festivals all over the world that are annual events. A scarecrow is an object that is put outside to scare birds and other things away. During Halloween, scarecrows are used as decorations and provide even more fun to this spooky holiday! Next
  7. 7. Bobbing for Apples This game requires a large tub of water and a bunch of apples. The apples are put in the water, and then you have to try and get one out. The catch is you have to get one out with just your teeth. Hands are not allowed. It’s challenging and lots of fun! Next
  8. 8. Popular Halloween Movies • Every year families celebrate the Halloween festivities by watching popular Halloween movies. Keep the lights on! Next
  9. 9. POP QUIZ! • Which body part can you not use when bobbing for apples? A. eyes B. teeth The answer is C. You C. hands cannot use your hands when bobbing for apples! Click for answer! Home
  10. 10. Trick-or-Treating This is custom for children on Halloween. They dress up in their costumes and go from house to house saying “ trick - or - treat” in order to get candy. This came from England’s All Souls parades in the 1800’s, in which poor people would beg for food in exchange for promising to pray for the givers dead relatives. Next
  11. 11. Costumes When going trick - or - treating, children dress up on Halloween night in different costumes. This allows the children to be their favorite characters or animals for a night of fantasy, laughter, and fun! Next
  12. 12. POP QUIZ! • What must you wear when you go trick-or-treating? A. A coat B. A hat The answer is C. You C. A costume must wear a costume when you go trick or treating!! Next Click for answer! Home
  13. 13. A A-has: – Has: -Inever knew until this project that you could add buttons to a power point, how useful! - Its amazing how much a picture can change your power point immensely. -I forgot how many fun Halloween traditions there were, cant wait to celebrate! Next
  14. 14. SOURCES  Google images www.thingsthatgoboo.com www.history.com/topics/halloween www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trick-or-treating Next
  15. 15. THE END Home