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Qb ship pitch_deck_notprivate


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QbShip pitch deck public

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Qb ship pitch_deck_notprivate

  1. 1. October 2017
  2. 2. Meet QbShip the new way to ship. Behind the scene of QbShip’s user friendly app complex algorithms takes the needs of a customer and searches rates from many carriers, then using QbShips deeply discounted large volume accounts, we pass these rates to the consumer.
  3. 3. About Us QbShip is a geo location, payment processing, search engine, and on demand rideshare for shipping app all in one. QbShip searches multiple carriers and utilizes our large volume deeply discounted accounts to ship for individual and business needs.
  4. 4. US consumers are spending $57.6 billion in on-demand shipping
  5. 5. 0 1 0 2 Simply put in your package information and QbShip will find the closest available driver that matches your needs, similar to Uber The QbShip driver will put the labels on your package and scan them into the system Users can then track the package on QbShip’s app from door to door How It Works 0 3
  6. 6. The logistics market is inherently large and affects every part of our lives. The Global Logistics market is a $4.6 trillion marketplace which is split into 3rd party logistics at $750 billion and the digital logistics market at $16 billion. QbShip is positioned for 3rd party/digital logistics and the $57.6 billion market for on-demand shipping.
  7. 7. Front End Pickup Fees Back End Shipping Rate Percentage Profit Model
  9. 9. Why QbShip?
  10. 10. 1 Milestones Concept App platform/GUI Crowd Funding July 2017 Aug 2017 Nov 2017 2 Launch June 2018
  11. 11. Q&A Why QbShip? Individuals and small businesses do not have the volume to get discounts that companies like Amazon and Walmart get. Qbship uses it’s large volume, deeply discounted accounts to ship with, and the ease of on demand pickup.   Who will drive for QbShip? Anyone can pickup packages for QbShip, from a bicycle to large vans. Drivers are put into the system with their current available space, drop off ability (i.e. Only FedEx/Ups or all pickups/drop offs available) and matched with customers needs. Current ride share drivers can supplement their income by picking up packages along with passengers they are currently driving.   Can customers choose their driver? Yes, the QbShip app finds the closes available driver and the customer can choose. Drivers have a rating system so customers know they are getting a quality driver. Ratings are based on customer service, speed, and on time delivery of package to the drop off point.   What does the future look like for QbShip? Possibilities are endless. In the future we might work to avoid dropping off at drop stations and take the packages directly to main hubs.  UPS/FedEx are franchises and they get money for every package dropped off and contract drivers also get paid to pickup at these facilities. Autonomous vehicles are becoming a reality and will be implemented when the technology is approved and safely integrate able.   How does QbShip mitigate loss of packages? Packages are scanned into the QbShip by the driver and a notice sent to the customer. Packages will be insured up to $100 so QbShip does not take a loss more than $100. Customers can purchase additional insurance for packages over $100 value. If a package is lost the driver is billed for the value up to $100. If the drivers account is pushed into a negative status due to shipping losses their driving status will be placed on hold until the balance is paid in full. After 90 days the account/driver are banned and the account is sent to collections.   What about hazardous shipments? Customers must sign a hazardous data sheet on the app- they are responsible for insuring the contents are what they claim but QbShip will carry insurance to protect against liability.   What about customers in putting the wrong size or weight? Customers can be charged additional fees if these are not correct. The additional fees will be charged if the drop facility determines a package to be incorrectly labeled. This is part of the user agreement on the QbShip app.  
  12. 12. (801)319-6425