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http://YourWebsiteEngineer.com | In this presentation, I show the benefits of starting a podcast as well as how easy it is to set up.

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WordCamp North Canton - WordPress & Podcasting

  1. 1. PodcastingandWordPressDustin Hartzler (@DustinHartzler)Twitter Hashtag: #WCNC
  2. 2. AboutMe✓ My Name is Dustin Hartzler✓ Full-time WordPress developer and podcaster✓ My success of becoming a website developer has come from mypodcast
  3. 3. FreeDownload✓ http://YourWebsiteEngineer.com/wcnc
  5. 5. Overview✓ What are the Benefits✓ The Set Up✓ Necessary Equipment✓ Step-by-Step Workflow to Create a New Episode
  6. 6. WhatisaPodcast?✓ A podcast is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) thatare released in episode and usually delivered through web syndicationfeeds
  7. 7. Podcastingisoneofthehottestthingsinsocialmedia
  8. 8. BenefitsofPodcasting✓ Podcasting is one of the most intimate connection to your audience.Hearing your voice builds rapport✓ Creating the content is easy✓ Audio is available 24 hours a day
  9. 9. “IfeellikeIknowyou”
  10. 10. BenefitsofPodcasting✓ Millions of people commute to work✓ Easy to consume✓ Much easier to become an “expert” in iTunes
  11. 11. 420MillionActiveBlogsvs250,000Podcasts
  12. 12. BenefitsofPodcasting✓ It’s easy to determine you are a thought leader✓ Attract new followers✓ Podcasting helps you to improve your speaking skills
  13. 13. Peoplecanagreetohaveyousendyourmessage
  14. 14. DoYouReadTweets?
  15. 15. DoYouReadBlogs?
  16. 16. ConvincedYettoStartaPodcast?
  17. 17. Exposure✓ Discoverability✓ Stickability✓ Sharability
  18. 18. Discoverability✓ SEO✓ Artwork✓ Related Shows✓ Rankings
  19. 19. SEO✓ iTunes is a search engine✓ Need a great title✓ WordPress Resource:Your Website Engineer
  20. 20. Artwork
  21. 21. RelatedShows
  22. 22. Rankings✓ New and Noteworthy✓ What’s Hot
  23. 23. Stickability✓ Sound quality✓ Too much fluff✓ Valuable content✓ Actionable tips✓ Social Proof✓ Keep engage during the show (pause, repeat yourself, voice volumes)
  24. 24. Sharability✓ Create something worth sharing✓ Make it easy to share
  25. 25. Overview✓ What are the Benefits✓ The Set Up
  26. 26. AdditionalHostingPackage✓ Online storage for all your digitalcontent✓ libsyn.com✓ Starts at $5/mo. for 50mb ofcontent
  27. 27. ConfigureRSS✓ RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication✓ It’s a powerful feature built into WordPress✓ http://YourWebsiteName.com/feed
  28. 28. ConfigureRSSAnd More!
  29. 29. ConfigureRSS
  30. 30. SubmittoPodcastDirectories
  31. 31. SubmittoPodcastDirectories
  32. 32. SubmittoPodcastDirectories✓ Blackberry - http://rimpodcast.quickplay.ca/rimpodcasting/✓ Zune Podcast Directory - Email podcasts@microsoft.com✓ Stitcher - http://www.stitcher.com/contentProviders.php✓ And More!
  33. 33. InstallPowerPressPlugin✓ Blubrry PowerPress brings the essential features for podcasting toWordPress including full iTunes support, web audio/video mediaplayers and more.✓ http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/powerpress/
  34. 34. Overview✓ What are the Benefits✓ The Set Up✓ Necessary Equipment
  35. 35. BeginnersPhone Headset Mic ComputerOR
  36. 36. IntermediateMicrophone MixerComputerAudio InputSkype, Music, etc.Listen to the MixHeadphonesRecord
  37. 37. SeriousPodcasterMicrophone MixerComputerAudio InputSkype, Music, etc.Listen to the MixHeadphonesRecord
  38. 38. Overview✓ What are the Benefits✓ The Set Up✓ Necessary Equipment✓ Step-by-Step Workflow to Create a New Podcast
  39. 39. Step#1✓ Prepare for show
  40. 40. Step#2✓ Record Audio (or video)
  41. 41. Step#2Phone Digital Recorder Computer Software
  42. 42. Step#3✓ Edit File (if necessary)✓ Convert to .mp3
  43. 43. Step#4Computer Software
  44. 44. Step#4✓ Tag media file
  45. 45. Step#4✓ ID3 Editor✓ pa-software.com
  46. 46. Step#5✓ Upload to 3rd Party Host✓ You will get a direct link to your episode
  47. 47. Step#6✓ Create a new blog post (show notes)
  48. 48. Step#7✓ Add audio URL toPowerPress Plugin
  49. 49. Step#8✓ Publish Blog Post
  50. 50. KeysforConsistency✓ Schedule regular content creation times✓ Make creation a habit✓ Schedule topics ahead of time✓ Have a template for your show
  51. 51. Thankyou!✓ For more free WordPress information:✓ Listen toYour Website Engineer Podcast✓ Go toYourWebsiteEngineer.com✓ What do you want to learn?Email: Dustin@YourWebsiteEngineer.com
  52. 52. AnyQuestions?