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The Savvy Developer's Guide to Resilience


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Software development is fraught with challenges. Constantly changing technology, complex business problems, and other people can make your life very difficult. In addition to the mental challenges, the sedentary developer lifestyle adds a whole dimension of problems. If you want to have a fulfilling career, there is one trait you need to cultivate above all others. This trait goes by many names: grit, fortitude, mettle, and resilience. Resilience, the ability to positively adapt to adversity, is the key to a successful developer career. With resilience, you can endure, adapt, and grow. It's the difference that separates the professional from the amateur.

In this talk, you will learn why resilience is the ultimate developer skill and how to cultivate it. We'll look at the work of a wide range of psychologists and extract specific lessons and exercises that you can use to increase your resilience. By the end of this talk you'll know what you need do to become more resilient.

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The Savvy Developer's Guide to Resilience

  1. 1. The Savvy Developer’s Guide to Resilience Dustin Ewers
  2. 2. Background
  3. 3. Victimhood is on the Rise
  4. 4. Learned Helplessness
  5. 5. “Get busy with life’s purpose, toss aside empty hopes, get active in your own rescue.” - Marcus Aurelius
  6. 6. You can change the world or you can change yourself. Begin with the latter.
  7. 7. What? Why? Challenges Tactics
  8. 8. Positive adaptation to adversity Resilience
  9. 9. Not Resilience Escapism Alcohol/drug abuse Outrage Abuse
  10. 10. Antifragility
  11. 11. Types Physical Mental Career Financial …
  12. 12. Why Bother?
  13. 13. Challenges
  14. 14. Imposter Syndrome
  15. 15. Emotional Rollercoaster
  16. 16. Miscommunication
  17. 17. Developer Lifestyle
  18. 18. Cultivating Resilience
  19. 19. Resilience is like a muscle
  20. 20. Seek Discomfort
  21. 21. Maintain Perspective
  22. 22. Cognitive Biases & Distortions
  23. 23. Avoid Judgement
  24. 24. Probalistic Mindset
  25. 25. Take Care of Yourself
  26. 26. Exercise
  27. 27. Meditation
  28. 28. Cultivate Social Connections
  29. 29. Purpose “If you know the why, you can live any how.” - Friedrich Nietzsche
  30. 30. Build a Goals Hierarchy
  31. 31. Focus on the small
  32. 32. Find Paragons of Resilience
  33. 33. Frederick Douglass
  34. 34. Review
  35. 35. Post: Slides: Dustin Ewers The Savvy Developer’s Guide to Resilience