Digital Writing


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Digital Writing

  1. 1. The Digital Writing Workshop Written by Troy Hicks By: Megan Brennan, Jodi Bouchey, David Durkee
  2. 2. Troy Hicks Troy is an excellent professor at Central Michigan University. He teaches some of the best classes available to the school. He is a pioneer at using digital media in his writing courses. He often integrates online resources when creating writing workshops for his students.He is happily married and has a “Brady sized”family. He is currently auditioning for thenew, modern day, “Hicks Bunch”.
  3. 3. Blogs, Wikis, and Collaborative Word Processors for Conferring Purposes Conferring with students one-on-one takes up too much time that needs to be spent on whole-class instruction Teachers aren’t rushed to give feedback immediately Responses given are more permanent Revision process is available step by step for students to assess their own writing process
  4. 4. Blogs & Wiki’s Continued…. . The learning doesn’t stop just because writing workshop time is over Literally a lighter load for teachers BE SENSITIVE! Allows for collaboration between peers as well
  5. 5. Really Simple Syndication RSS Feeds Can be added to blogs, wikis,and bookmarked. Automatically updates the reader with articles published.Megans Wiki PageMLiveTechnical Writers Blog
  6. 6. Social Bookmarking Similar concept as Users are able to bookmark a webpage and then retrieve it on another computer. is an excellent tool for social bookmarking Diigo Tutorial Students are able to bookmark materials and use them at a later time.
  7. 7. Publishing Digital Writing “It is important for them (students) to learn how to contribute to their communities as digital writers…” –Troy Hicks Respond/Responded to
  8. 8. Digital Portfolios Wiki (Hey, that’s what we’re doing!)  Student Links Blogfolios  Creating Links  Documenting Work  Permanent Archives  Tagging work to view development  Similar to Googledocs
  9. 9. Class Anthologies A collection of a class’ work over a period of time. Typically printed and shared. You can use technology with Wiki’s
  10. 10. Audio Anthologies Hardware/Software Students record work  Formally  Informally Choose how to share the Anthology Distribute
  11. 11. Concerns or Aspects to Ponder Copyright Student Safety
  12. 12. Troy Talking about The Digital Writing Workshop Troys Youtube Video
  13. 13. Resources Google Docs Hicks, Troy. The Digital Writing Workshop. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2009. Print.