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Short slides to acompany web page: Overview of Social Media for Researchers at Durham University.

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  • Tips for Twitter

    1. 1. Tips for twithter effTweeting to let others know about your published work? • include a DOI to make sure this picked up by altmetric services such as and PlumX Analytics….
    2. 2. Tips for twithter eff… but remember not everyone can access your published article if they don't have subscription access • Think about also sharing a url to an open access version.
    3. 3. Tips for twithter eff Follow or search for useful hashtags to follow relevant conversations and debates. Useful hashtags for academics include #phdchat, #ecrchat, and #acwri “ I used Twitter to find scholars in research fields like mine or simply interested in discussing research on social media #phdchat ” “PhD affecting your mental health? You are not alone. Reach out. You are not alone. #phd #phdchat “ A bit about me & my work, from @qz. #sexwork #PhDChat #Ethnography #brothels
    4. 4. Tips for twithter effUse a single 'handle' (username, publically visible) and keep it consistent across all social media platforms (which you wish to keep connected).
    5. 5. Tips for twithter effIf you need to cite or reference a tweet, try to generate an a citation in MLA, APA or Wikipedia style formatting.
    6. 6. Tips for twithter eff Think about timing…. • Don’t worry about missing something… if it is important it will come around again. • If tweeting about your own research… • Think about the most likely time to engage with other academics via Twitter. • Tweeting in the early morning or early evening are often the most effective times to get re-tweeted. • Don’t be afraid to repeat key tweets at different times over following days.
    7. 7. Tips for twithter eff Think about content • Tweets which include images are re-tweeted 35% more than text-only tweets • Tweets which include videos are re-tweeted 28% more than text-only tweets • 2014 data - • But make sure it is relevant; whilst it is nice to engage with people as a ‘person’, think about your signal-noise ratio!
    8. 8. Tips for twithter eff Use a Social Media Dashboard, such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, to manage your online profiles across multiple platforms; • post the same messages on multiple platforms instantly • schedule messages in advance to accompany publications, events, presentations or just to cope with your busy timetable. • manage your twitter feed and set up 'searches' to make sure you don't miss anything (and filter out the rubbish!)
    9. 9. Tips for twithter effUse services such as 'If This Then That (IFTT)' to link your social media accounts, automatically post between accounts, archive your tweets (to other services, or to a spreadsheet), or save mentions of you or others. • •
    10. 10. Tips for twithter effDon't want to join twitter? You can still follow the conversation at
    11. 11. Tips for twithter eff