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Trekking in nepal


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Tamang Heritage Trail
Duration Six or seven days Maximum elevation 3700m
Best season September to may
add-on to the Langtang Trek.
The relatively new trail is an excellent trek , either on its own or in conjunction with a Langtang trek. It attracts far fewer trekkers and is less commercialized than the other trails in this book, leading many people to compare it to trekking through Nepal thirty years ago. It’s not an easy trek by any means, with plenty of steep ups and downs, but days are generally quite short. If you prefer cultural interactions ove big mountain views, this might be just the trek for you. The trail was originally set up as a community-based tourism project to give locals access to income from tourism and while there are now private lodge along the trail there are also several homestays and one community’s lodge. Tamang Trail within your timeframe without having to rush. The trails are in good condition and in most instances we spend between 5-6 hours trekking each day. This is one trek where a guide is particularly useful, not so much for route finding but to smooth along cultural encounters and help arrange homestays, where very little English is spoken.
Many travelers have written to recommend Gatlang resident and Guide Durga Tamang, who runs Himalayan Unforgettable Adventure 01-4415525, cell - 9841610496 It’s possible to shorten the following itinerary by a day or two by combining days or skipping Timure, which is now linked to Syafru besi and the Tibetan border by a new Chinese-built road completed in 2012

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Trekking in nepal

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