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Until Successful Component


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How to use Until Successful Component

Published in: Technology
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Until Successful Component

  1. 1. Until Successful Component 20-12-2015
  2. 2. Abstract • The main motto of this PPT is how to use Until Successful component in our applications.
  3. 3. Introduction • The until-successful scope processes messages through the processors within it until the process succeeds. By default, until- successful’s processing occurs asynchronously from the main flow. After passing a message into the until-successful scope, the main flow immediately regains control of the thread. However, you can configure until-successful to run synchronously relative to the main flow.
  4. 4. Example
  5. 5. • .mflow• <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> • <mule xmlns:vm="" xmlns:jdbc-ee="" xmlns:http="" xmlns="" xmlns:doc="" xmlns:spring="" version="EE-3.4.0" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" • • • •"> • <jdbc-ee:mssql-data-source name="MS_SQL_Data_Source" user=“****" password=“****" url="jdbc:sqlserver://localhost;databaseName=test1" transactionIsolation="UNSPECIFIED" doc:name="MS SQL Data Source"/> • <jdbc-ee:connector name="Database" dataSource-ref="MS_SQL_Data_Source" validateConnections="true" queryTimeout="-1" pollingFrequency="0" doc:name="Database"/> • <spring:beans> • <spring:bean id="Bean" name="Bean" class=""/> • </spring:beans> • <flow name="Database_ComponentFlow2" doc:name="Database_ComponentFlow2"> • <http:inbound-endpoint exchange-pattern="request-response" host="localhost" port="8087" path="UntilSuccessful" doc:name="HTTP"/> • <logger message="--main flow--" level="INFO" doc:name="Logger"/> • <expression-component doc:name="Expression"><![CDATA[ • sessionVars['DB_STATUS']='INITIAL'; • ]]></expression-component> • <until-successful objectStore-ref="Bean" maxRetries="5" secondsBetweenRetries="5" doc:name="Until Successful" failureExpression="#[sessionVars['DB_STATUS']!='SUCCESS']"> • <vm:outbound-endpoint exchange-pattern="request-response" path="db" doc:name="VM"/> • </until-successful> • </flow> • <flow name="Database_ComponentFlow3" doc:name="Database_ComponentFlow3"> • <vm:inbound-endpoint exchange-pattern="request-response" path="db" doc:name="VM"/> • <jdbc-ee:outbound-endpoint exchange-pattern="request-response" queryKey="select" queryTimeout="-1" connector-ref="Database" doc:name="Database"> • <jdbc-ee:query key="select" value="select * from mytable1"/> • </jdbc-ee:outbound-endpoint> • <expression-component doc:name="Expression"><![CDATA[ • sessionVars['DB_STATUS']='SUCCESS'; • ]]></expression-component> • <logger message="--success" level="INFO" doc:name="Logger"/> • </flow> • </mule>
  6. 6. • Output:
  7. 7. • Flow of execution: 1. URL to trigger the service from browser http://localhost:8087/UntilSuccessful 2. Database component connects to the specific database, executes the select query but there is no table specified in DB, hence the until successful component retries for 5 times and exit the flow.
  8. 8. References • guide/v/3.5/until-successful-scope