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Media Evaluation!


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Published in: Education
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Media Evaluation!

  1. 1. MEDIA EVALUATION Dureshewar Mauwoz Candidate number: 6475
  2. 2. Q1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?Our music video mostly uses and develops the codes and conventions of real mediaproducts, however to some extent we do challenge some forms of real Mediaconventions. Firstly, most music videos contain a lot of performance but sometimesthere are places where the artist isn’t singing. We’ve used this from existing musicvideos because we felt it is important that audiences see the artist’s facial expressions,as our song is extremely emotive. Music videos contain a lot of extreme close-ups andwe’ve also used this because we felt that extreme close-ups are there to sell the artistand lure the viewers. We’ve also used mid-shots to establish the location and set thenarrative. By using mid-shots we have challenged the media conventions as mostmusic videos don’t use mid-shots as often as close-ups.After doing research we made a list of all the music videos that had influenced us andtwo of those videos are; “The flood” by Cheryl Cole and “Rolling in the deep” byAdele. Generally, normal music videos contain more than one artist but we’vechallenged and developed this idea by using one artist. We’ve used one artist becauseI felt it was important to focus on the narrative and the concept of our music video.
  3. 3. However, we have used an additional actor who helped us be Tia’s (our artist) boyfriendbut we tried our best not to focus too much on him. We’ve only used our second artistfor pictures and then we’ve burnt those pictures in some of our shots to illustrate theseparation between our artist and her boyfriend. Yet again, this is the part where wedecided Tia will not be performing because it builds up on the emotions. By not usingour second actor too much, we’ve challenged the conventions of some music videossuch as, Enrique Iglesias “Addicted”. Such music videos use other actors in their shot tomake their main artists stand out and to sell their image.I have also watched Arabic music videos in order to influence me; the main music videothat has influenced me massively is “Broken Angle” by Arash and Helena. This videointerested me the most because the genre, style and form of this music video weresimilar to product.
  4. 4. The main part which influenced me was at the start when the female artist was on thefloor with pictures of her and her partner around her. This shot was extremely powerfuland emotive, that is why I wanted to use something similar as that. However, as a groupwe had decided to develop this idea further. We developed the whole idea by havingour artist lay down near a fireplace instead of an empty room with two candles whichshe would use to burn the pictures that were there. We wanted to burn the picture tosymbolise that their relationship has ended; so again this links with the narrative. Wealso placed the guitar to show that she is still waiting for him to return, in other wordsshe’s not ready to end the relationship.Another concept which we’re used is a candle scene from “A Thousand Years” byChristina Perri where the main concept is associated with candles. This whole idea wasSarah’s and we all went along with it because in my opinion this scene was our bestshot. We’ve used that shot because we all thought that shot could express the artist’sinner feelings. Also, other music videos contain as aspect of glamour which makes theMV unique. This is what we wanted in our video; to have some aspect which audiencescan remember and relate it to our video. The form and style of that particular candleshot is really different to other MV’s and we’ve used this because the concept links tothe type of genre of our song.
  5. 5. The window scene from “The Flood” by Cheryl Cole has also influenced us, we’ve usedthe window scene to express the loneliness and depression of our artist and we wantedto show this in a few seconds. So that’s why we haven’t used the shot for longer than 2seconds because when editing, I felt that it’s better to use a small part to lure theaudiences rather than dragging it on. I do agree that our version of that shot was not aspowerful as Cheryl Cole’s but it did work effectively and at the end we decided to usethat particular shot as a cut-away.Most music videos contain a lot of random cut-aways to interest the audience andsometimes to confuse them. Some music videos try to confuse their audiences becausethey feel that the audience will watch the video over and over again until they haveunderstood it and that keeps them interested in the whole concept- so they try to findout the narrative of the song. In a way this also spreads the word of mouth, for example,if one person is interested in the randomness of the song then they will be talking toother people about it. “Born this way” by Lady Gaga is a prime example of how musicvideos can go to extremes for their audiences.
  6. 6. As a group, at first we decided that we wanted to create a music video like that butwe chose a different type of genre to work around. Our music video does containthese extra cut-aways but the difference is that they are not extremely random; weespecially chose these cut-aways that represent the narrative and genre of oursong.As we have looked in to Goodwin’s theory which states the linkage between lyricsand visuals in music video and this is what we have applied to our music video.Keeping in mind the Goodwin’s theory, our cut-aways are not random because wehave made this linkage. For example, the different coloured love heart, the houseand the couple’s products together in the toilet these all link in with the genre andnarrative of our music video.All the scenes that are done in a house were mainly influenced by “Make you feel myLove” by Adele. “Make you feel my Love” is recorded in one location and it also has thesame genre and narrative as our music video. We have challenged this convention byusing more than one location for our MV.
  7. 7. We were really influenced by the apartment scene in that song so we developedthat idea by using a bedroom, bathroom and staircase shot. The concept of ourvideo was that our artist is going to return home after a long time and she will begoing to each home and remembering their times together. We’ve used a guitar inthese shots, well mainly the stairs because he has left the guitar behind and it’s away of Tia remembering him.So overall, as a group we’ve work very well together in researching existing musicvideos and searching the right concepts and ideas that work well with our musicvideo. We have challenged some forms of media conventions but mostly we’veused and developed ideas from existing MV in order to create our final piece. Topromote our final piece we have created social networking sites such as, Twitter,Facebook, Official website pages and Youtube sites. This is another concept which issimilar to any other artist as they also use social networking sites to produce anddistribute their music across to people. As social networking is in place, it is easierfor new artists such as, Tia to find her target audience/fans and promote her image.
  8. 8. Q2) How effective is the combination of the main project and ancillary tasks?The combination of my main project and the ancillary tasks work very well together.For the ancillary tasks I have created an album cover which will contain a poster and Ihave also made a separate poster which is posted on the website as well. These textsare created to sell the artist’s image and to advertise the music video. The imagethat I have used for the album cover is from the music video itself and I have usedthat particular image so that best parts of our music video are captured. Whilstcreating it I have also applied effects to the picture to make it stand out and to lurethe audience. I have created the album cover in such a way that it looks reallyeffective and it combines very well with the music video. For the album cover I havebeen influenced by Demi Lovato, Adele and Christina Perri. These artists haveinfluenced me because their album cover really stands out and their image is similarto Tia so therefore I created my album cover about them. I have also created aposter and the picture that I have used for that does not reflect the music video. Ihave done this purposely to show and sell the other side of the artist’s image whichreflects on her personal life.
  9. 9. As a group we have created many other ancillary texts as well as social networkingsites. Firstly, we all created Twitter, Facebook and MySpace for Tia so that otherpeople can interact with the artist. This is also a chance for fan/friends to view Tia’sprofessional life such as her tour dates, news and events and many more. As agroup we have also created an official website page for Tia where fans can keeptrack of what the artist is doing or planning to do. As most artists have officialwebsite pages we also felt that it was important to create one for Tia.
  10. 10. Q3) what have you learnt from audience feedback?During our production and planning, as a group get made a list of all the names wewanted for our artist and then we asked 10 people for their opinion. After knowingwhat our target audience wanted our artist to be call we created graphs to illustratethe research (all this is posted on the main group blog). Then according to ouraudiences we agreed on the artist name so from this our first expression was thataudience feedbacks are very helpful.Later on the production when we were half way through editing, we did a secondaudience feedback session. This second feedback session was mainly our peer groupmembers watching our unfinished piece and giving us feedback on how well they thinkour concept is. The feedback we received was not great but most people said they likedour idea and the type of shots we have used. However, some people also said that westill needed to work on the lip synchronization and we needed to space out our shots.There was some minor criticism which we were not worried about because they helpedus make our video even better.
  11. 11. After we had finished our music video I did a last audience feedback assessment for ouraudiences. The feedback I received is on the blog. There is some amazing feedback butsome also said that the lip synchronization is still not perfect. However, overall therating we received for our music video was 8 and as a group we are extremely pleasedwith our work. Overall, I’ve learnt that audience feedbacks are extremely helpful butthere are times when people’s opinions put you off.
  12. 12. Q4) How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?Everything associated with our project is to do with media technologies. The researchthat we have carried out is from the internet which is also part of digital technology.I’ve used Google to research about record companies, artists such as, Akon, DemiLovato, Adele, Christina Perri, Cady Groves, and many more. I have also researchedtheir official website pages and their social networking sites; I have also researched ontheories such as Voyeurism and the male gaze. Youtube and Twitter were very useful inresearching for similar artists who influenced us to create our music video and tocreate star image.During the planning, I used iTunes which was also very helpful because that’s where wedownloaded our song from in order to use it in our music video. I have also usedMicrosoft Word for designing my questionnaire, I have used Microsoft PowerPointcreate my star image presentation. I have used the scanner to upload most of my workin order to post it on my blog. We have also used a Cannon Camera for taking picturesbackstage while our production was in process.
  13. 13. During our production, we used a HD Sony camera for our filming and which alsomeant our video was going to be digital. Along side the camera, we used a tripodand lights for a better affect. When we were finished filming, we uploaded all ourfootage on iMovie and then transferred it on to Final Cut. I’ve used Final Cut for thefirst time therefore I found it difficult to use it at first but after 3 editing sessions Iknew what I was doing. However, the best part of using Final Cut was that itcontained lots of different effects which helped to make a better music video thanon iMovie. It also was easier to change lighting on Final Cut due to the colourcorrector.Photoshop was also used, I’ve used it for the album cover and the posters becausePhotoshop gives a full quality image and there are lots of different things you can doin order to get a high quality image. The pictures were edited by changing thebackground and adding words for the album cover and song names. Here again weused the internet to create our blog, youtube, twitter and facebook pages. Here wecould also upload the latest pictures, news, videos and gossip about our artist.