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9.19.18 ArchivesDirect Overview: Standards-Based Preservation with Hosted Archivematica Webinar


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DuraSpace presents a Community Webinar, “ArchivesDirect Overview: Standards-Based Preservation with Hosted Archivematica”

On Wednesday, September 19, 2018 Sarah Romkey, Archivematica Program Manager from Artefactual Systems and Heather Greer Klein, Services Coordinator from DuraSpace presented a one-hour webinar, “ArchivesDirect Overview: Standards-Based Preservation with Hosted Archivematica.”

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9.19.18 ArchivesDirect Overview: Standards-Based Preservation with Hosted Archivematica Webinar

  1. 1. ArchivesDirect Overview: Standards-Based Preservation with Hosted Archivematica Sarah Romkey, Artefactual Systems Heather Greer Klein, DuraSpace September 19, 2018
  2. 2. Agenda 1. What is ArchivesDirect? What is Archivematica? What is DuraCloud? 2. ArchivesDirect and you 3. Workflow walk through 4. The world of DuraSpace hosted services 5. Questions and Answers
  3. 3. What is ArchivesDirect? ● ArchivesDirect is a hosted, managed version of Archivematica using DuraCloud as back-end storage. ● Launched April 2015 ● DuraSpace managed service ● Support, training, and consulting from Artefactual Systems ● Standards-based digital preservation packages in secure long-term storage
  4. 4. What is Archivematica? ● Archivematica is a web- and standards-based, open-source application which allows your institution to preserve long-term access to trustworthy, authentic and reliable digital content. ● You use Archivematica to: ○ Create OAIS-alligned Archival Information Packages (AIPs) ○ Perform digital preservation actions such as virus scanning, file identification, characterization, validation, and normalization, while recording the results in a standardized way ○ Create Dissemination Information Packages (DIPs) to populate access systems, including ArchivesSpace, AtoM and CONTENTdm. ● Archivematica is supported and maintained by Artefactual Systems, with a large community of contributors
  5. 5. What is DuraCloud? ● DuraCloud is an open source, hosted preservation storage service that makes it easy to control where and how your organization preserves content in the cloud. DuraCloud enables your institution to store content with expert cloud storage providers while adding lightweight features that enable digital preservation, data access, and data sharing.
  6. 6. ArchivesDirect and you ● Quick start-up ● All hosted/web-based ● Open standards ● Complete control of your content ● Content-agnostic ● Open source community and software ● No vendor/content lock-in ● Configurable to meet your needs/processes/workflows/content
  7. 7. ArchivesDirect and you Front-end (Archivematica): ● Configurable OAIS-based workflows ● Preservation micro-services ○ Many are configurable based on file format information ● Normalization ● Standards-compliant (PREMIS, METS, BagIt)
  8. 8. ArchivesDirect and you Back-end (DuraCloud): ● Replicated storage (two locations) ● Integrity checking services ● Download at any time
  9. 9. ArchivesDirect and you Pricing: ● Digital Preservation Assessment: $4,500 ○ term: 3-month pilot ○ 1 ArchivesDirect instance ○ 250MB of DuraCloud storage ○ training, support, consulting ● Standard: $9999 ○ term: annual ○ 1 ArchivesDirect instance ○ 1TB of DuraCloud storage (extra storage: $825/TB/yr) ○ training, support, consulting Custom quotes available on request.
  10. 10. Workflow walk-through Upload your content to a hosted “transfers” directory, which contains material for preservation within directories
  11. 11. Workflow walk-through Decide on the right workflow: standard, DSpace, forensic image, BagIt (zipped and unzipped)
  12. 12. Workflow walk-through Content makes it way through Transfer micro-services
  13. 13. Workflow walk-through Optionally, content can be sent to backlog for future processing.
  14. 14. Workflow walk-through Content in backlog can be viewed/analysed/arranged.
  15. 15. Workflow walk-through Preservation micro-services continue in Ingest (including normalization)
  16. 16. Workflow walk-through Success! AIP is stored, DIP is uploaded and/or stored.
  17. 17. Workflow walk-through Stored AIPs can be viewed/searched through Archival Storage.
  18. 18. Workflow walk-through Preconfigure micro-services so that content is processed automatically.
  19. 19. Workflow walk-through Other possible workflows: ● Pre-determine preservation, access and service files ● Include descriptive and rights metadata ● Manage datasets and accruals, relate preserved content and version archival packages using the AIC concept ● View normalization reports and results in your browser ● Set your own preservation policies using the FPR ● Check media-specific policies using MediaConch ● DIP upload to ArchivesSpace, AtoM, CONTENTdm
  20. 20. Other DuraSpace Hosted Services ● DuraCloud: Preservation Storage ○ Immediate access or TRAC-certified dark archive option (Chronopolis) ○ Integrates for preservation storage from DSpace, Fedora, Archivematica, Archive-It ○ One-time or synchronized storage transfer, with interfaces for novice or advanced users ● DSpaceDirect: Simple Hosted Institutional Repository ○ Very streamlined, hosted DSpace ○ Quickly get a repository up and running ○ Easy to migrate to another system later ○ Need something more customized? We can refer you!
  21. 21. Thank you! What are your questions? Sarah Romkey, Heather Greer Klein,