6.25.14 Meet the VIVO Project Director Presentation Slides


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A DuraSpace Webinar: Meet the VIVO Project Manager, Layne Johnson
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 11:30a.m.EDT

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6.25.14 Meet the VIVO Project Director Presentation Slides

  1. 1. Meet the VIVO Project Director Layne Johnson June 25, 2014
  2. 2. Welcome! • Formally trained as a PhD life scientist – Microbial metabolism and genetics – Discovery research in pharmaceuticals • Anticancer, anti-infectives, agriculture • High-throughput screening – lots of data • Evolved into an information scientist • Global Head Information Management
  3. 3. Experience with Collaboration Tools • Lotus Notes - Drug Development Teams – Open culture, content, ease of use • Plumtree portal – GIN – global use – Market segmentation critical – Internal and external information • Harvard Profiles – Academic Health Center – First ever research network at UMN • SciVal Experts/PURE – UMN – useful beyond biomedical disciplines
  4. 4. My First Face to Face Involvement with VIVO VIVO Conference – 2010 A Gathering for the Like-Minded
  5. 5. Taking Notes at VIVO 2010
  6. 6. University of Florida VIVO Outreach
  7. 7. What Did I Learn at VIVO 2010? • The VIVO Community is open, willing to share and learn, committed to excellence • VIVO served noble causes – Assisting researchers – Supporting medical advances – Flexibility – boundless & cross-disciplinary • Standard data formats allow easy reuse • Ontology is not a dirty word • Attendees were platform agnostic & aligned
  8. 8. VIVO Values - Widely Adopted • Clinical and Translational Science – Research Networking Affinity Group – DIRECT2Experts – to federate searches – User Survey 2012 – adoption status – LOD Standards – endorsed by CTSA • Locally at UMN – Expanded research networking – Migrated to VIVO standards
  9. 9. Adoption of LOD & VIVO Ontology LOD & VIVO Ontology Adoption Status – 48 CTSA Institutions Obeid, et al. 2014. in press
  10. 10. The Foundation is Sound • Realizing that semantic web and ontology standards were critical for widespread, facile data sharing, I recognized that VIVO was core to the success of a wide variety of applications • The collaboration of VIVO and DuraSpace formalized a model to ensure the long-term sustainability • The stage had been set, but yet there remained a need for a Project Director
  11. 11. Project Director: Primary Responsibilities • Oversee operations • Oversee software projects • Community management • Marketing and communications • Provide strategic vision
  12. 12. Understanding VIVO Operations – Participation with Steering Group – The VIVO Charter • In development when I came on board • Finalized by Steering Group, undergoing Leadership Group review • Outlines key elements for operations and VIVO governance • Critical for establishing the guidelines within which VIVO operates is governed
  13. 13. Elements of the VIVO Charter • Vision & Mission • Overarching Goals – Manage the open-source VIVO platform – Manage the VIVO-ISF Ontology as a linked data standard – Lead & support VIVO & VIVO-ISF implementations – Conduct conferences, summits & related events – Work with partner institutions, commercial affiliates, and organizations to support the open exchange of information about researchers, research resources, and scholarship using Linked Open Data
  14. 14. THE VIVO ORGANIZATION The overarching goals of VIVO are accomplished through various governance roles. These roles have new names. Their purpose is to ensure the sustainability of VIVO.
  15. 15. Leadership Group • Establishes priorities and is responsible for making strategic decisions – Annual budget allocation; – Substantial changes in allocations during the year; – Strategic project roadmap; – Strategic community direction. • Platinum Members ($20,000+), or 0.5 FTE as approved by Leadership Group
  16. 16. Steering Group • Provides overall guidance to the project – ensures that the goals of the project are met – provides strategic guidance and support to the Project Director • Nine members, two at large, two ex- officio • Set strategy subject to Leadership Group Approval, deal with major operations issues
  17. 17. Management Team • New group – follows DuraSpace Model – Yet to be fully adopted – I plan to use this group to address strategic issues, priorities – Led by VIVO Project Director, includes Working Group Leads, principal VIVO- funded project positions, and key DuraSpace staff (especially communications and funding expertise) – Provides on-going operational project management – relies on Steering Group
  18. 18. Working Groups • Apps and Tools – Chris Barnes, Ted Lawless • VIVO-ISF Ontology – Melissa Haendel, Brian Lowe • Implementation & Development (Joint Working Groups) – Jon Corson-Rikert, Jim Blake • Outreach & Engagement – Kristi Holmes & Julia Trimmer – Revamp & Retool
  19. 19. VIVO Organization Recap Leadership Group Steering Group Management Team Working Groups
  20. 20. Oversee operations – Spoken to all Working Group Leads – Met with key Leaders – Two-day DuraSpace Introduction – Met with University Colorado Boulder and Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) VIVO teams – Met with American Psychological Association VIVO Leadership
  21. 21. Oversee software projects – Upgrade to VIVO 1.7 – Extension of VIVO-ISF – Moving VIVO from Incubator to Project Status – Update the VIVO wiki – Migrate VIVOweb.org to DuraSpace – Becoming familiar with key applications
  22. 22. Community Management – Reviewed and updated key contacts – Launched VIVO Membership Campaign – Adopting DuraSpace best practices – Migrating to ZOHO CRM – Outreach & Engagement Working Group Review - to make engagement easy
  23. 23. Marketing and Communications – Identify current processes, targets, and ensure appropriate, timely messaging – leverage our resources – Engage DuraSpace Director of Marketing and Communications – Encourage collaboration and transparency
  24. 24. Provide Strategic Vision – Operational Issues, like the Charter, communications, membership campaign and engaging DuraSpace support took priority – It’s clear to me: we need to develop a plan with clear, near term objectives – VIVO needs for a Roadmap to ensure we know where we want to go
  25. 25. Where I’m Focusing My Efforts • VIVO Membership – we must gain financial support of our stakeholders to accomplish our goals and build the VIVO Community • VIVO Search – aggregate and expand • Registered Service Providers – these relationships will provide users with implementation, adoption, and participation support • The role of VIVO and National Data Services
  26. 26. Focus on Engagement • Increase member participation on Working Groups • Make it clear to new and existing VIVO members how to engage • Underscore the importance of member engagement in open-source communities • Expand the VIVO Community • Ensure long-term sustainability
  27. 27. Build a Clearer Understanding of User Needs • Would be nice if standard software were being used – Java, Python, Solr, Funnelback, e.g. • Need for greater Harvester support • Version updates are sometimes difficult because of ontology changes • Trust frameworks could further validate authors • A need for greater user design input
  28. 28. “Can you hear me now?” • Two-way communication channels are not clearly understood • DuraSpace: include as an integral part of marketing and communications • VIVO wiki and VIVOweb.org are in need of upgrading, cleanup, and organization • Good channels and support exist, but it’s difficult to use them efficiently
  29. 29. Create the VIVO Strategic Plan • The VIVO Community, Working Groups, and others want and deserve direction • A Strategic Plan must be developed – to create “orchestration with a purpose” • I cannot provide strategic vision without a plan • Our hope is to gather this fall to develop a pragmatic strategy that is vetted and embraced by the community
  30. 30. Do We Have What We Need? • The Foundation is Sound • The Community includes world-class talent • VIVO Leadership and DuraSpace have a firm commitment • The key elements are in place and you can play a role in shaping the future of VIVO
  31. 31. Your Membership is Important
  32. 32. Membership Gives You A Voice Primarily through VIVO Governance Benefits and DuraSpace Membership Benefits
  33. 33. VIVO Governance Benefits
  34. 34. DuraSpace Member Benefits • A variety of benefits, which include advance VIVO project announcements, discounts for training, seating at the Annual DuraSpace Summit, DuraSpace governance opportunities • Level of benefits increase at higher levels of membership
  35. 35. DuraSpace Umbrella Services • Legal • Licensing • Governance • Developer resources • Mentoring • Technology expertise • International exposure • Contributors • Recognition • Marketing and Communications • Webinars • Education • Peer Support • Conferences • Community development • Service providers • Admin support • Grants • Advocacy • Strategic planning
  36. 36. This Year’s Membership Goal • $240,000 • To date, slightly more than $140,000 has been raised • A mixture of corporate and institutional members • Some new members have already contributed • I will be working with you and your institution to discuss funding opportunities
  37. 37. VIVO 2014 – August 6-8, Austin, TX
  38. 38. My Vision for the Future • The VIVO Community maintains & increases its commitment to its open source users • We become more nimble as the VIVO Community grows, participates, & engages • We have the patience to work hard for what we need • VIVO continues to go far beyond research networking – serves as a semantic platform for a wide variety of functionality that is only limited by our imagination
  39. 39. Thank You ! Questions?