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5.24.18 DuraCloud in 2018 Presentation Slides


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Presented on 5.24.18 by Heather Greer Klein

Published in: Technology
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5.24.18 DuraCloud in 2018 Presentation Slides

  1. 1. DuraCloud in 2018: What’s New? What’s Next for the Software & the Service? Heather Greer Klein Services Coordinator
  2. 2. Today’s Webinar ● What is DuraCloud? ○ Features, subscriptions, integrations ● What’s new in 2018 ○ Partners ○ Mozilla Open Leadership Training ● What’s coming next? ○ Roadmap, contributions, videos ● Time for questions
  3. 3. What is DuraCloud? ● Fully hosted, easy to use digital preservation service ● Store content in cloud storage systems or national preservation networks ● Store any type of file, any size, any number, and add storage at any time ● Automated duplication across multiple storage systems
  4. 4. What makes DuraCloud different? ● Open source - built to support the library and archives community ● Integrations with DSpace, Archivematica, Archive-It ● Tools to simplify and automate file transfers ● Regular automated health checking of all files in storage ● Training and ongoing assistance from DuraSpace staff
  5. 5. DuraCloud in Your Workflow ● Long-term content storage with integrity checking ● You get out exactly what you put in -- even the original directory structure is preserved ● Interface is for staff only
  6. 6. Standards-based digital preservation as a service + ● Customizable preservation workflows based on the OAIS model ● Micro-services to perform virus scans, file type validation, metadata extraction, identifier assignment, etc ● File normalization into preservation formats ● Standard-based metadata (PREMIS, METS) ● All content preserved in DuraCloud Looking for Standards-Based Preservation Workflows?
  7. 7. Hosted institutional repository application ● Fully hosted and supported DSpace repository ● Version upgrades, system administration and maintenance included ● Basic theming and branding (logos, color scheme, etc) included ● All public content indexed by Google, taking advantage of DSpace SEO settings ● Usage statistics available for analysis of page views, downloads ● Automated content backups into DuraCloud ● Can be migrated to a locally-managed DSpace at any time Looking for a User-Facing Repository?
  8. 8. Choosing a Subscription Type 1. What type of cloud storage do you need? 2. How many TB of content will you store? 3. What is your local workflow?
  9. 9. Storage Options -- Instant access ● Amazon S3 ○ Best for cloud preservation of local copy ● S3 with Glacier as secondary storage ○ Automatic secondary copy in separate storage infrastructure
  10. 10. Chronopolis Storage option ● Chronopolis ○ Digital preservation storage network spanning multiple institutions and geographic regions ○ Focused on long-term digital content preservation ○ System based on active preservation – constant checking of items ○ Most cost-effective option for long-term storage: master copies, unprocessed collections, etc.
  11. 11. Getting Started: Preservation Subscription ● Designed for new programs or small organizations ● Amazon S3, or S3 with Glacier secondary storage (“Plus) ● 1-5 TB of content ● No administrative access -- up to five spaces, 5 users with read/write access Great for: ● Smaller repositories ● New Archive-It integrations ● Programs just starting up
  12. 12. Increased Flexibility: Enterprise Subscription ● Amazon S3, S3 with Glacier secondary storage, and/or Chronopolis ● Up to 19 TB of content ● Administrative access control: create spaces, create users and groups, assign permissions Great for: ● Established programs ● Use across departments (can limit access to only certain content spaces) ● Greater control and flexibility
  13. 13. 20+ Terabytes: Large Subscription ● Designed for increased support and greater storage savings ● Amazon S3, S3 with Glacier secondary storage, and/or Chronopolis ● 20+ TB of content ● Administrative access control: create spaces, create users and groups, assign permissions Great for: ● Large institutions ● Multiple large repositories and collections across departments
  14. 14. The DuraCloud Workflow ● Move content from local storage ○ Web interface, Sync Tool, or API ○ Single pass or continuous syncing of content-- from a single file to an entire directory ● Integrations ○ DSpace ○ Fedora ○ Archive-It ○ Archivematica
  15. 15. What’s new in 2018?
  16. 16. Mozilla Foundation Open Leadership Training Program DuraCloud: Beyond the License ● New GitHub repository: cloud ● Fully developed ReadMe ● Opportunities to contribute to the project with technical and non-technical work ● Easy to submit suggestions, use cases, and feedback
  17. 17. New DuraCloud Option in Europe ● DuraCloud Europe from 4Science: ● ● First member of the DuraCloud Certified Partner Program ● Facilitates preservation and content storage services in Europe, complying with the European Commission General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  18. 18. Texas Digital Library DuraCloud@TDL DuraCloud services just for TDL members
  19. 19. DuraCloud Vault ● Deposit option for DPN members ● Allows for easy deposit into DPN nodes ● Bit integrity checking on ingest ● Reporting as content moves through DPN network
  20. 20. What’s Next?
  21. 21. Open Source Community Growth ● Regular contributor meetings ● Contributor-supported user interface usability study ● Define a commiter policy ● Continue to pursue other partnerships ● Establish a process for contributing community use cases and requirements ● Support Digital Preservation Declaration of Shared Values ● Encourage contribution -- you can help!
  22. 22. Software Improvements ● Support for multi-part uploads ○ allow large files to be viewed and retrieved in DuraCloud as a single file, rather than a set of chunks ● Updating DuraCloud media streaming ○ replacing RTMP with HLS, to support HTML 5 viewers
  23. 23. New Video Tutorials ● Short videos covering specific DuraCloud features and processes ● Closed-captioning ● Training playlists organized by role ● Coming Summer 2018
  24. 24. How can we help you? ● Sign up for a demo account ● Take a look at the DuraCloud Guide ● Get in touch for a quote or more information:
  25. 25. Thank You for Attending! Questions are Welcome.