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Social Media 101


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Tips to help professionals with social media.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Social Media 101

  1. 1. Social Media 101: A New Kind of Social Networking By Shannon R. Mouton
  2. 2. Social Networking You Friends Friends’ friends Mentors Co- workers Interest Groups Nonprofit Organi- zations Academic Groups Religious Groups Social Groups
  3. 3. Social Places Social Platforms Blogs Micro- blogs Social Networks Multi- media Geo- location Chat Rooms Message Boards Online Ratings Social Info
  4. 4. Getting Started Join Groups Observe Make Friends Participate in Activities Tell People Invite Others to Join
  5. 5. Popular Social Places
  6. 6. Facebook A social networking site that allows users to connect and engage with other users through personal profiles.
  7. 7. Twitter A social network built on micro-blogging, users post and read “tweets,” text messages containing no more than 140 characters.
  8. 8. YouTube A video-sharing site where users can upload, view and share videos. Unregistered users can watch videos, while registered users can upload videos.
  9. 9. LinkedIn A social networking site for people in professional occupations that is mainly used for professional networking.
  10. 10. Pinterest A pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests and hobbies.
  11. 11. Instagram An online photo-sharing, video- sharing and social networking service.
  12. 12. SlideShare* A presentation-sharing site that allows users to upload, view and share documents, PDFs, videos and webinars. *Slideshare is not considered a top tier social networking site; however McKinney & Associates finds it useful for sharing information.
  13. 13. Same Ole Networking
  14. 14. To learn more about McKinney & Associates, visit McKinney & Associates was founded in 1990 with a commitment to social justice that has prevailed for more than 20 years. From the beginning, McKinney passionately and skillfully practiced public relations with a conscience for local, national and international organizations. @mckpr