Memcom 2012 supplier showcase final


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The leading membership organisation suppliers exhibiting and sponsoring the MemCom membership conference at the IOD

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  • iMIS is one system for membership management, e-commerce, online communities, and website management. Your members and staff can access iMIS anytime, anywhere via the web or a mobile device.
  • Memcom 2012 supplier showcase final

    1. 1. SUPPLIER SHOWCASEMemCom supporters and suppliersto the membership sector highlight their products and services
    2. 2. Proud Sponsors of MemCom 2012Microsoft Dynamics CRM ExpertsWe are a Microsoft Gold Partner focused on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.Our experience is broad, ranging from SME’s to large organisations.We have one of the UK’s largest teams of fully certified Microsoft CRMconsultants.We work with our clients to build effective IT solutions that have a positiveand long-lasting impact on their business.
    3. 3. Proud Sponsors of MemCom 2012Membership Management FrameworkOur framework supports a range of membership activities, including: ● Engagement with members based on their interests ● Marketing driven by member preferences ● Improved membership retention Membership Management Framework Membership Renewal processing Member preferences data Training & certification Committees & interest groups Management information Events management Single view of member SharePoint IntegrationExcitation Workshop at 10.45 – 11.15:Energising your membership communications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    4. 4. iMIS one system for • Membership Management • e-Commerce • Online Communities • Website Management
    5. 5. Email:
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    8. 8. We understand the way you work… CRM + MEMBERSHIP + EVENT MANAGEMENT + WEB INTEGRATION Don’t you need to know…? OM.Net • Who the people are? • Where they work? • What their communication details and preferences are? • What they like and want to be kept informed of? • How to keep them informed? • The profile of your contacts – what they are spending, when, on what? • Let them interact with your business via the web? "CRM is the business strategy that aims to understand, anticipate, manage and personalise the needs of an organisations current and potential customers" 01782 710450 @3SiCRM SUPPLIER SHOWCASE
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